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Refine your list by ANZSIC/ ISIC/ NACE/ NAICS/ US SIC 1987/ UK SIC 2007 or US 8 digit SIC
  • Data coverage spanning 11M companies and 34M decision-makers
  • 1.9K+ Leads at companies with more than 5K employees
  • 210K+ New Business Email, Direct-dial Contact Database
  • 392K Leads at companies with more than $1M in revenue

The data services for Businesses arround the world

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Gain insight into the Data to find Sales Opportunity

  • Define Your Target Customer — Our data scientists work with you to target specific industry, company & contact data needs, including number of employees, revenue, growth rate and even specialty data such as firmographic, demographic or technographic data.
  • Sourcing the Verified Mailing List — Dedicated data researchers work with you to build customized datasets as per the exact specification of your campaign. You can target marketing or business activities to those who are most likely to purchase your products.
Access in-depth information on your leads and accounts by seeing everything from company size to office locations in one place.

Stay ahead of the competition with our data service & tools



Search the widest selection of data sources and highest quality business and technology mailing list in the industry to generate quality sales leads.



Get access to all US, Canadian and international data processing services under one roof. Deepen your understanding of customer behavior, create more effective campaigns.



Great wholesale prices and low minimums on our business lists and data products. A Specialist List Manager will listen to your needs and you will get priority delivery of counts and orders.

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