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Do you want to reduce wastage on mailing campaigns, improve response, conversion and ROI, and protect your brand reputation?

We work very closely with our clients to make sure our processes align with the goals and objectives of each campaign and/or project.

Standardize & NCOA

Match a given file to the USPS Postal file and the USPS Mover file. The postal file returns a record standardized, such as Stre to Street or Apartment to Apt, and provides information needed for postal discounts (zip+4, Delivery Point Bar Codes, Carrier Route codes, etc.). This process also provides codes to identify undeliverable addresses, such as “unable to apply zip code” or “no street address”. The NCOA process provides new addresses for movers and provides undeliverable information such as “moved with no forwarding address”, “moved out of country” or “PO Box closed”.




Maximum Change of Address

Updates mailing lists with the latest change of address data filed with the USPS, PLUS two previous addresses and moving data for the last 60 months.


Delivery Sequence File

Checks mailing lists against the complete, exact address for every delivery point served by the USPS.


Delivery Sequence File, Second Generation

Checks and corrects mailing lists against the complete, exact address for every delivery point served by the USPS.


Locatable Address Conversion System

Updates rural addresses to city-style addresses.


Coding Accuracy Support System

This system improves the accuracy of 5-digit ZIP, ZIP+4, carrier route and delivery point bar codes.



Enables mailers to eliminate deceased individuals from their mailings and prevents disturbing members of the deceased's household with unwanted mail.


Do Not Call

Complies with the DNC rules regulated by the FTC and FCC with our efficient and simple compliance services.



  • Save money by not communicating with people who can’t or won’t respond
  • Protect your brand reputation, by avoiding inappropriate and badly targeted mailings
  • Ensure you are complying with industry regulations such as the DMA code of conduct and the Data protection Act

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