B2B Data Enhancement

The Most Cost-Effective Method of Cleaning Your Database of Outdated Contact Lists. With AverickMedia's B2B Data Enhancement Services, you can instantly improve your marketing campaign by adding records to your existing database.

  • Data Enrichment enables your database to be segmented into deeper, more sophisticated market segments.
  • Determine what attributes your best B2B customers share and use that knowledge to reach your ideal target audience.
  • Increase response rates by sending more precise, personalised communications to key company personnel.

We will enhance matching records with additional data such as:

furtune-inductry Industry sector, SIC/NAICS

furtune-telephone Append email, phone & fax numbers

executives Key executives (Name, Email & Phone)

duns-number DUNS Number

subsidiaries Subsidiaries

employees-size Size (Revenue or Employees)

A high-quality B2B prospect database can dramatically improve lead conversion by up to 260%

Is your organization missing out on opportunities to increase revenue or reduce costs because of poor data quality? AverickMedia Data Services offers data cleaning and enhancement solutions to improve your data, helping you manage existing business more effectively and develop new revenue potential at the same time.

Better data enables you to strengthen relationships with existing customers

  • Gain deeper insights into your customer base
  • Uncover cross-sell or up-sell opportunities by leveraging parent/child relationship data
  • Free up more time for sales by eliminating duplicate records and obsolete contact information And, it helps you identify and connect with quality prospects.
  • Create highly targeted marketing campaigns based on more robust data
  • Use added contact details to engage more individuals by phone, email, direct mail

Maximum Change of Address

Updates mailing lists with the latest change of address data filed with the USPS, PLUS two previous addresses and moving data for the last 60 months.

Delivery Sequence File

Checks mailing lists against the complete, exact address for every delivery point served by the USPS.

Delivery Sequence File, Second Generation

Checks and corrects mailing lists against the complete, exact address for every delivery point served by the USPS.

Locatable Address Conversion System

Updates rural addresses to city-style addresses.

Coding Accuracy Support System

This system improves the accuracy of 5-digit ZIP, ZIP+4, carrier route and delivery point bar codes.

Do Not Call

Complies with the DNC rules regulated by the FTC and FCC with our efficient and simple compliance services.

We work very closely with our clients to make sure our processes align with the goals and objectives of each campaign and/or project.

  • Standardize & NCOA - Match a given file to the USPS Postal file and the USPS Mover file. The postal file returns a record standardized, such as Stre to Street or Apartment to Apt, and provides information needed for postal discounts (zip+4, Delivery Point Bar Codes, Carrier Route codes, etc.).
  • This process also provides codes to identify undeliverable addresses, such as “unable to apply zip code” or “no street address”. The NCOA process provides new addresses for movers and provides undeliverable information such as “moved with no forwarding address”, “moved out of country” or “PO Box closed”

Join 5000+ Satisfied Customers

Martin Rodriguez

Sales Manager

     Manufacturing Company Sources 26% of Increase in ROI with Database Services by AverickMedia

Working with AverickMedia gives us the added benefits of right support in the process of building our customer base. It's great working with smart people who are able to pivot quickly and provide high quality leads.

Janet Waltham


     How AverickMedia Assisted an Auto-Maintenance Company to Acquire 465 New Clients within Two Quarters

Being able to quickly understand our target prospects is massively effective. Now we have access to our ideal customer profiles and it's completely actionable.

Levi Norman

Marketing Manager

     Insurance Company Reduces 40% Research Time Spent on Locating Prospects

AverickMedia systematically helps us find and prioritize the right people for our marketing campaigns. The fact that the support desk is also very quick to answer any questions has been appreciated.

New Customer Acquisition Made Easy

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120K+ updates made daily to our B2B lists

SMTP verification, NCOA verification and double-checks everything on a daily basis

250+ Full time data researchers

Our dedicated team of data researchers use multiple tools to collect information from all available public records.

11.5M Businesses with online presence

Target and reach only companies with a live website and improve your customer acquisition programs.

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