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Connect with Physical therapists globally with our accurate and verified Physical Therapist Email List. This list is like a strong base for your online marketing for therapists to help you get more physical therapist leads. You can customize the list to fit what you need for lead generation strategies for Therapists marketing. When you're trying to tell people about your physical therapy equipments, therapy supplies or therapist products, having the right list of therapist contact names and addresses can help you do it better than others. It gives you an advantage over your competitors. With the right list, more physiotherapists might choose your brand and your medical supplies as their top pick.

At AverickMedia, Our experts update the list to make sure it has the latest information. The list has email addresses of physical therapists in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and other places. This will help your business reach and connect with more than 67% of active physical therapists all around the world. It's a good way to make your business better!

34,761 Total Records
  • Physical Therapist Email Database
  • Validity Refund Guaranteed
  • Advanced Profiling Within 48 Hours
  • Regulatory Compliance and GDPR

Data Fields In Physical Therapist Email List Include

AverickMedia's Physical Therapist Email List helps you reach important people in the field by choosing from different options. This makes it easy for your sales and marketing teams to talk to therapists working in the physical therapy industry.

The list includes details like the following:

  • Physical Therapist Full Name
  • Job Title/ Function
  • Verified Email Address
  • Phone / Fax Number
  • Hospital Affiliation
  • Area of Specialization
  • Type of Practice
  • Full Address (city/state/zip code/Country)
  • License Number
  • Certifications
  • Social Media Presence
  • Technology Adoption
  • Revenue
  • Employee Size
  • Years of Experience
  • Annual Sales Volume

Customize Your Physical Therapists Email Database By Specialty

Our physical therapists email list can be adjusted to suit your specific business needs, whether it's for letting people know about your brand and services, expanding your reach in the market, or finding new clients.

Physical Therapist Email Lists Total Records
Acupuncture Therapy Email List 3,583
Recreational Therapists Email Database 3,947
IV Infusion Therapy Providers Mailing List 2,157
Occupational Therapist Mailing List 7,569
Registered Physiotherapist Mailing Database 11,735
Neurological Physical Therapist Mailing List 1,647
Athletic Therapist Email List 2,386
Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapist Contact List 1,643
Sports Physical Therapist Contact List 3,621
Physical Therapy Specialties Total Records
Marriage and Family Therapist Mailing List 2,647
Biofeedback Therapists Email List 4,641
Orthopedic Physical Therapy Contact List 2,713
Geriatric Physical Therapy Mailing List 1,123
Pediatric Physical Therapist Email List 3,261
Ergonomics Physical Therapist Email Database 2,671
Clinical Physiotherapist Contact List 3,673
Research Physiotherapist Mailing List 1,672
Aquatic Physical Therapist Email Database 2,573

How Accurate Is Your Physical Therapists Mailing List?

Our Physical Therapists Mailing Lists are known for being detailed and accurate. We promise a 90% accuracy rate in our lists, making sure you get high-quality leads effectively. Our experts carefully check Physical Therapist Emails before adding them to our main database. We strictly follow data privacy rules like GDPR, CAN-SPAM, CASL, and CCPA to protect information. Get a 100% permission-passed and privacy-friendly list of physical therapists from AverickMedia to boost your outreach and marketing activities.

Benefits of Buying a Physical Therapists List?

Our list of physical therapists is made very carefully to fit your needs. It's perfect for marketing your physical therapist services, physical therapist supplies or physical therapy tools, whether you want to reach therapists in your local area, across the country, or even globally. We keep our list updated to help you connect with physical therapists through different ways. You can use it for both online and offline advertising, making your campaigns more successful.

By choosing our list, you can grow your business in your area and beyond, gaining more value in your specific market. Take this opportunity to get our Physical Therapists Email List now! We have customer-friendly policies, like replacing the list if the email bounce rate is more than 15% and making sure it's not resold to others. Get a list that fits your targeted location and gets responses, helping your business grow and become well-known.

Increase Your Sales Leads With Job Title Customization

In the busy world of businesses, knowing and reaching the right people in certain jobs is really important for finding new customers and making more sales. We help you do this by letting you focus on the different jobs and duties of the important people you want to connect with.

Explore some of the roles below:

Physical Therapist Senior Physical Therapist Pediatric Physical Therapist Sports Physical Therapist
Orthopedic Physical Therapist Cardiac Physical Therapist Neurological Physical Therapist Geriatric Physical Therapist
Rehabilitation Physical Therapist Home Health Physical Therapist Acute Care Physical Therapist Outpatient Physical Therapist
Occupational Therapist Physical Therapy Assistant Director of Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Manager
Clinical Specialist Physical Therapist Women's Health Physical Therapist Dance Physical Therapist Animal Physical Therapist
Aquatic Physical Therapist Manual Therapy Physical Therapist Industrial Physical Therapist Telehealth Physical Therapist
Chronic Pain Physical Therapist Research Physical Therapist Hand Therapist Musculoskeletal Physical Therapist
Sports Medicine Physical Therapist Community Physical Therapist Spinal Cord Injury Physical Therapist Chronic Disease Physical Therapist
Military Physical Therapist Wound Care Physical Therapist Director of Rehabilitation Geriatric Rehabilitation Specialist
Lymphedema Physical Therapist Pain Management Physical Therapist Vestibular Physical Therapist Oncology Physical Therapist

Trust In The Reliability Of Our Physical Therapists Database

Our complete list of physical therapists is carefully put together from different places, making sure it's right. We check it a lot to be sure it's accurate and keep it updated regularly. We focus on adding new and good information while getting rid of anything old or wrong. We want to make sure our data is always clean and reliable for our clients.

Some of our data sources include:

Physical Therapy Associations Public Records Government Records
New Business Filings Credit Bureaus Surveys and Feedback Forms
Medical Journals and Records Market Research Reports State Licensing Boards
Health and Wellness Publications Annual Reports Social Media Profiles
Healthcare Directories Medical Magazines Business Registries

Why Partner With US For Physical Therapist Mailing List?

Our special list of Physical Therapists' email addresses is compiled to help you connect with the right therapists in the physical therapy field. We know it's important to be very specific in reaching out to the right people. Our list is organized to help you do that, making it easier for you to sell things, keep customers, make your brand well-known, and talk to people in a clear way.

What makes AverickMedia different is not just that our data is good, but we also really care about keeping your information private. Don't miss the chances in the physical therapy world. Get the advantage by getting our email list of physical therapists today.

New Customer Acquisition Made Easy

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250+ Full time data researchers

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Frequently Asked Questions About Physical Therapists Email Database

Are the Physical Therapist Email lists illegal?

NO! Not at all; AverickMedia complies with all Anti-Spam and data privacy laws, including GDPR, CAN-SPAM, ESIL, CCPA, and CASL, to provide you with the best physical Therapist Email list. For the successful implementation of marketing initiatives, we assure complete privacy compliance. Purchase a verified list of physical therapists from AverickMedia to power your global multichannel marketing initiatives.

Do you provide customized Physical Therapist mailing lists?

You can purchase a CAN-SPAM free Physical Therapist Email lists from AverickMedia in both pre-packaged and customized formats. Ourverified physical therapists email addresses list can be segmented easily based on your needs, such as SIC code, NAICS code, geographic location, job specialty, and other factors. Contact one of our experts about customizing your physical therapist contact database to reach your target audience.

Where can I locate the best Physical Therapist's email address on the Internet?

You can find the contact list of physical therapists on the official web-page of AverickMedia. We are a trusted website that guarantees you the best possible outcomes. If you go to our website and search for "Physical Therapist Email List," you'll find a download option right away. It's as easy as you might assume!

What is the cost of the Physical Therapist database?

Prices may differ depending on your needs. We have a volume pricing plan based on the number of contacts you want to order—the more physical therapists contacts you order, the lower your per-contact price will be. To learn more about the price, you can contact one of our experts at Averick Media. We sell the Physical Therapist contact list database at an affordable price.

How do you handle inaccurate data from the Physical Therapist email address list?

At AverickMedia, we strive to exceed our customers' expectations. We want the best for our customers; however, if our opt-in physical Therapist Email list fails to deliver due to some malfunction. You can send us a report of the hard bounce rate, and we'll credit the list with new, active data right away for free.

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