Role Based Business Lists

Target 370+ job functions from b2b databases of over 34 million key executives
  • Access decision-maker profiles and corporate family tree
  • Reach contacts align with your revenue goals of people likely to buy
  • Source nearly every data field you will require

Hyper-target the audiences from your niche market by customizing the Role-Based Business Lists

Choose your targeted audiences based on their job roles, such as C-Level Executives, healthcare professionals, HR professionals, Entry Level Executives, and many others. Hyper-target your audience to boost your marketing efforts.
  • Industry Based — Choose your job role specifications from your niche industry.
  • Hyper-targeting — We allow you to hyper-target the audience to save your resources.
  • Customization — Human-verified custom-built data to simplify your marketing efforts.
  • Job Title — Access 370+ job designations to choose your right audiences .

Role Based Database

Role Based database encompasses of complete email information of Top-level business executives from Organizational hierarchy.

  • 34M+ Decision Makers
  • 370+ Job Functions
  • 1.2M+ C-level Contacts
  • 11M+ Companies Database
  • 52+ Company Attributes

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Role Based Business Lists — Verified Email Contacts of Businesses

The database list includes information on CEO/Owner/Founder, C-Level Executives, Managers, Directors, Administration, Corporate Secretary, Sales & Marketing, R & D and more...

C- Level Executives Leads
  • — CEO
  • — CMO
  • — CTO
  • — CCO
  • — CDO
  • — CHRO & more
Medical Professionals Contacts
  • — Physicians
  • — Cardiologists
  • — Dentists
  • — Nurses
  • — Surgeons, etc
Construction Industry Leads
  • — Construction Engineer
  • — Interior Designer
  • — Contracts Engineer
  • — Superintendents, etc
Education Email Contacts
  • — Principals
  • — Teachers
  • — Counselors
  • — Superintendents, etc
Manufacturing Industry Leads
  • — Production Manager
  • — Supervisor
  • — Operations Coordinator
  • — Quality Inspector, etc
Banking & Finance Email Database
  • — Financial Analyst
  • — Relationship Manager
  • — Accountant
  • — Mortgage Consultant, etc

Dually verified Role-Based Business Lists to modify your marketing strategies to win over the competition.

  • One-stop solution for your marketing efforts through segmentation and customization
  • High-quality leads through connecting with decision-makers in your niche market
  • 700+ industries to choose your specific job title to make marketing efforts worthy
Contracts & Companies
Easy prospecting Data
100% Verified Data
Access in-depth information on your leads and accounts by seeing everything from company size to office locations in one place.

FAQ's About Role Based Business Lists

Yes, you can access the c-level executive's email list of your targeted niche industry.

C-Level Executives, Healthcare professionals, HR professionals, Entry-level executives, and many more.

Yes, you can customize the Email List from us by connecting with our executives.

It enables you to connect with the audience who handles specific job roles and enhances the marketing.

The complete information of your potential prospects from the name, email address, job title, location, company, company revenue, and many others.

Build your Sales & Marketing List. We ensure zero contact duplication

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