B2B List Building

We have a team of specialists who will create a contact list for you that will give you access to 37+ data combination fields to provide you with a database of your perfect targets. We create a custom list based on your requirements and potential prospects.

A B2B list is a list of organizations or decision-makers in whom you are interested in becoming clients. You can't make a business-to-business list straight away. Creating a B2B list is more than just compiling a list of businesses interested in the products or services you provide.

37+ Filtering Parameters

Get company name, sales volume, number of employees, industry, social links and more.


100% STMP Records

Focus on the niche industry for finding out your targeted audience

2X More Responses Rates

Choose your potential prospects from the right Company Profiles

Our B2B Data Sets to Generate High ROI

We Serve the Motive to Drive Higher ROI - For You!

Finding high-quality contact and account data does not have to be expensive. We can construct very accurate lists from the base of your objectives and at a lower cost than building your own by combining our highly talented research experts with some of the most remarkable technologies and databases in the world.

All of our b2b lists go through advanced verification to deliver you highly accurate lists. We can even locate contact info such as LinkedIn URLs and mobile numbers, which are generally difficult to uncover. Our team of specialists has everything they need to produce your custom list at the best quality level possible, no matter how unusual or specific it is.

Every specific list strives to make more sales to your marketing cycles to shoot up your ROI in no time.


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Our B2B List Building Service

A 100% Verified Database with the Best List Building Process

B2B list building is the process of developing a list of B2B contacts who are likely to purchase your product or service. Why should you create a B2B contact list? Because if you don't have one, you're clueless, right?

Whether you're launching a new product, giving a free webinar, or offering an enticing sales offer, you'll need a B2B contact list to reach out to them. You can reduce costs and save up on resources through us.

Through our customized data, experience:

  • Targeted Group Identification
  • B2B Built for Pro-Marketing Approaches
  • Get Faster than Usual Responses
  • Direct Decision-Makers Database
  • Wide Range of Searching Filters
  • Easily Exportable Data to CRM
  • Highly Convertible files
  • and More..

Benefits of Leveraging the Best B2B Data

Using AverickMedia to build b2b data for marketing can be your competitive advantage for the long run. With excessive benefits and perks.

Filter Your Search Criteria

Our teams can give you lists based on industries, sectors, and market spaces. We make it possible for you to choose from over 120 industries and sectors across a global market.

Fine-tune your search Criterion

Through industries and sectors, we also bring together an opportunity for you to choose to filter through job titles, revenue, number of employees, and more.

Finalize your list with us

We organized the best prospective list for you, and with this, you can get it delivered in easy-to-use formats.


Quality prospects

We give you lists that consist of prospects that will turn into your future buyers. Get the attention of qualified prospects with one ready-to-use email list.

Comprehensive and Affordable

Through AverickMedia, you can customize your list in 36+ ways in no time and have a list delivered within your marketing budget.

Minimum work, maximum gain

Our bespoke list creation services involve almost no effort on your part while providing you with profitable chances.

AverickMedia - The Best Option for you to Build B2B Data

We give you a B2B List Built Only for You! We have an expert team of data scientists working on your requirements, understanding your objectives, and thriving at meeting every one of them; now that's saying something.AverickMedia ensures maximum satisfaction for B2B companies with all the supplemental tactics that facilitate the successful building of directed contact lists and customized database creation in no time.

Are you thinking of Building Your List?

Find your Ideal Customer Profile in our Records

We at AverickMedia, enable you to narrow your search to firms that are a good fit for your organization. Include those who are most likely to become paying clients. Creating an ideal client profile may reduce the likelihood of spending time and money on unproductive prospects.


Do Not Look Around for B2B Contacts Online

It is a tedious and process to identify the right set of B2B leads in the wider market, which can also cost you a lot of resources and workforce. We have done the gold-digging for you, so you can wait for no one and begin with your marketing operations.

Utilize our Readily Available Lists

You do not need to go through the struggles of manually entering them from your sources into an Excel spreadsheet or other applications if you have them. Our lists are all ready to use and compatible with your CRM software to make it easy for you.


Take Advantage of our Verified Lists

Even if you compiled your B2B contact list, there is still an opportunity for mistakes. It is critical to verify that the email addresses and phone numbers in your contact list are valid. AverickMedia has a team of experts working on verifying our email lists every 90 days. We send 120+ Million verification emails and make 60+ million verification calls every quarter for you.

Begin Networking

The ultimate objective of building a b2b list is to network and make contacts. After acquiring a full-fledged B2B email list, you can directly start networking with your niche market without any hassles.


Build your Sales & Marketing List. We ensure zero contact duplication

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