5 Major Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Better Than Social Media Marketing

  • Ronald Thompson
  • July 05, 2022

The majority of marketers promote their businesses via email as well as social media. Both are effective, and either can produce excellent results, but which one is more effective? Most businesses understand the value of employing online marketing to attract new audiences and increase revenue. Choosing whether to prioritize email marketing or social media marketing, on the other hand, provides new obstacles. If you want to establish a more informed internet marketing plan, you should discover how these two tactics compare. Hence, if you've ever pondered whether you should spend more time and money on social networking or email marketing campaign, this article is for you.


Email Marketing: A better ROI generator than Social Media

While Social media has become an important component of digital marketing, it's easy to see why social media allows you to swiftly reach new audiences all around the world, potentially going viral in the process. However, Email marketing, on the other hand, has a much longer history. It may appear to be less fascinating than social media on the surface. However, if you underestimate the power of email, you could be badly missing out. Email is still alive and well, and it is not going away anytime soon. Email, in many ways, can be even more powerful than social media.


Here are 5 major reasons why email marketing is more effective than social media.

1. It is More Personal

Consumers today want stronger bonds with the brands they buy from. Even in this digitally dominated world, where everything appears to be done behind a pixelated screen, people want to build more genuine relationships; herein comes the importance of email. When you post something on social media platform, you essentially have to wait for your followers to scroll down their page far enough to see it. And, with the new algorithms that prioritize material from friends and family, brands' posts frequently vanish into the abyss. Email, on the other hand, is delivered to the recipient's inbox. It's a far more intimate way to engage with your customers because you're chatting to them one-on-one in a private setting.

2. You own your subscriber list

Imagine spending endless hours growing your social media following, only to have the platform go down and take all of your nice admirers with it. The issue with social media platforms is that they have authority over your following while you own nothing. The distinction between email and SMS is that you own your mailing list, whether it's in a CRM or a simple Excel download. Once a visitor joins your email list, you have access to them for as long as they wish to be on it. The turbulent and ever-changing social media landscape can not control you anymore.

3. You Are Not Required to Compete With Algorithms

Social media sites are dead intent on providing customers with what they want, which is fantastic. However, this can be detrimental to firms and businesses attempting to get their products in front of an audience. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have substantially altered their algorithms in recent years to represent their customers' wants and requirements better. Consumers, in particular, are akin to seeing more posts from their relatives and friends than from brands. Brands have had to get inventive in order to stand out on personal feeds if they want to gain any momentum with their social media marketing. Email, on the other hand, has no such algorithms. It's extremely simple: you send an email, and it goes right to the top of the recipient's inbox.

4. You Get a Higher ROI

As a marketer, you're undoubtedly constantly considering the return on investment of the tactics you use. It's not worth much wasting your time, energy, and money on a strategy that isn't producing results, which is why email is your best tool.

According to stats, one in every five marketing emails is opened, and the average clickthrough rate is 3.57%. Facebook, on the other hand, has a clickthrough rate of 0.07 percent on average. But it goes even beyond. In fact, email marketing generates the highest ROI of any marketing tactic; on average, every dollar spent on email marketing generates $40 in sales.


Image Source: Marketing Insider Group

5. Higher conversion rates

Email marketing converts more than any other marketing medium, including social media and search. Another study found that 66% of internet shoppers completed a purchase due to email marketing communication. Online marketers feel that the capacity to segment lists and tailor messages is the primary cause of email marketing's high conversion rate. Most email marketing companies include alternatives for sending highly targeted messages based on the behavior of your subscribers.

Email marketing always outperforms social media marketing

It can be alluring to join the social media bandwagon and strive for the highest number of followers. However, with continuously changing algorithms and the ever-present possibility of a social media platform just closing its gates, putting all of your hopes, money, and goals in the hands of social media could lead to disaster. Of course, technologies like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are wonderful for connecting with your audience, generating leads, and expanding your brand's reach. Still, when it comes down to it, email is the most effective. With a tremendous ROI, email is a method that must be included in your approach. You may arrive straight in recipients' inboxes, develop personal relationships, and avoid the whims of the social media world.

Reach out to the qualified Prospects

You may now have a greater understanding of the advantages of email marketing over social media marketing. It is now up to marketers to decide how to include email and social media into their digital marketing initiatives. The thing you can do now is try to run campaigns that integrate aspects from each platform effortlessly. If you are seeking ideas or inspiration, you should discover more about leveraging social media to generate email lists.

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