How To Check An Email Address Is Valid?

The way email marketing used to operate has evolved with the passage of time. You can't just send out a bunch of emails and expect them to land anywhere. Today, it takes more effort to ensure that your emails reach their intended recipients and that your prospects open and responds to your emails. But how can you ensure that your emails are sent to the inbox? - It's easy. You validate the email addresses before sending them an email.


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It is critical for your business to validate your client's email address. It aids in the identification of invalid IDs and spammers. As a result, you can maintain your mailing list clean by including only valid email addresses. There are several methods for determining validity that can help you quickly determine the validity of an email address. Keep reading to find out all the methods.

Why is it necessary to verify an email address before sending it?

Reaching a prospect on their correct email address increases the chances of conversion, response, and email deliverability. They allow you to reach out to actual clients efficiently. You don't want to send emails to bogus email addresses that may result in a high bounce rate. As a result, your sender's reputation will suffer, and your emails will eventually end in the recipient's garbage bin. It's something you never want to happen. You also don't want spammers utilizing forged IDs to register on your site. It will cause your marketing campaign to fail spectacularly.

All of these issues can be resolved by validating email addresses. It will assist you in removing bogus email addresses from your mailing list. As a result, you don't have to be concerned about high bounce rates and sender reputation damage.

How to Know an Email Address is Valid?

Learning how to generate B2B sales leads is only one step in the process.

There are several methods for determining whether or not an email address is valid. Although some are less successful than others, and some may be more convenient if you simply have a few emails to check.

1. Sending an email to the address

Sending a message to an email address is perhaps the simplest approach to see if it is valid. This strategy is ideal for inexperienced marketers with a limited marketing list. If you send a message to a bogus address, it will bounce back, and you will receive a notice similar to one of the mentioned below:

➤ Message not delivered
➤ Address Not Found

2. Use email verifier

The best way to check whether an email address is real is to use email verification software, which can validate email addresses with a few clicks. While each email checker differs slightly in terms of capabilities and the number of email addresses that may be validated per month, they are all quite simple to use.

These tools perform three methods of verification to determine the legitimacy of an email address:

➤ Check your syntax

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It verifies that an email address is correctly spelled - that there are no spaces or commas, and that all of the @s, dots, and domain extensions are in the correct places.

➤ Domain verification


It verifies that the domain and email address are correct.

➤ Email ping

Email verification programs send messages to the recipient's server to confirm whether the email address exists on the server and is active.

3. Look up the address on Google


This approach will not tell you if an email address is a forgery, but it will tell you if it is authentic. It works because almost everyone has an internet presence—some have their websites, while others are active on social media. Major search engines, such as Google and Bing, cruise the internet constantly, indexing everything they find. As a result, most addresses belonging to real persons can be identified with a simple search engine query; however, phony addresses cannot.

4. IP Address Lookup



Another method for determining the validity of an email is to perform an IP address lookup, which is simpler and less complicated than it seems. An IP address lookup is used to determine the geolocation of an IP address. While this tactic can tell you where an address came from, it cannot tell you if the address is deliverable or if it comes from a reliable site. It might also be time-consuming for marketers that have a high number of addresses to check.

Best Email Verification Tools - Top 3 Recommendations

When your business relies on email marketing, you'll want to keep your marketing lists up to date and check email validity to guarantee that your emails reach every address in your list. If you have a huge list and routinely add new prospects to it, using a validation tool will save you time. Here are our top three email verification tools.

1. Email Checker


Source: Email Checker

Email Checker is a web application that checks the status of an email address. It is not only free but also quite simple to use. Simply enter your email address and press the check button. The program performs a check and informs you whether the email address is legitimate.

2. ZeroBounce


Source: Zero bounce

ZeroBounce is a reliable email address checker that can successfully remove spam traps, phony addresses, invalid addresses, and addresses with spelling errors from your marketing lists in order to prevent bounces and maintain your sender reputation. It uses AI to enhance the accuracy of results.

3. MyEmailVerifier


Source: MyEmailVerifier

MyEmailVerifier is another tool for bulk email verification that claims to be the cheapest solution with a deliverability guarantee of 99%. It offers an easy-to-use UI and a real-time verification API. Its online email checker validates your email address, provides the most effective results, and assists you in improving your Email Deliverability. Currently, they are offering plans at a discounted price.

Reach out to the qualified Prospects


Email outreach demands extra attention in today's world to ensure that your emails get sent and opened for your leads to reply. However, many users may not devote the necessary time to this, thereby influencing their bounce rate, domain reputation, and, most critically, deliverability! As a result, legitimate email checkers and other ways of determining whether an email is real can help maintain your marketing lists clean and ensure that a bogus email message does not derail your marketing campaign efforts.

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