Tips on How to Find a Good Insurance Agent

  • By Lisa Noel
  • Sep 17, 2020

Insurance agents are professionals who help clients to find the right insurance policy that fits in well with their requirements. These requirements can be health, auto, renters, homeowners, life insurance policies, and many more. Insurance agents make money by gaining a handsome commission on every policy they sell to the client. So many insurance agents aim to sell insurance irrespective of it's worth or necessary to you.

Finding an insurance agent can be tough if you are a business person who handles a B2B company. The reason is they are many fraudsters in the insurance industry who trick you into buying insurance that might not be suitable to you, but beneficial in terms of their commission gain or fraudsters who take your money and vanishes.

Therefore, it's very important that the agent who is providing insurance to you should be well versed with the different insurance policies offered by the different insurers and must very well understand your requirement.

Now, the question arises that how do you find an insurance agent who is well versed with different insurance policies, understands your problem, and above all his honesty?

The following tips will help you find the right insurance agent for your B2B Company:

  • Get recommendations from other businesses.
  • Compile a list of potential agents.
  • Check for the reviews & research on the potential agents.
  • Do a research on policies that might suit you.
  • Interview agents to find the right match.

1. Get recommendations from other businesses

Use your connections to get recommendations from businesses similar to yours. This is will reduce much of the effort you need to put in to find a genuine and right agent. As the businesses that recommend you will have done the background verification of the agent, they are recommending.

This will limit the possibility of fraudster agents reaching you. This step might take some time, but it's worth being a prey to a fraudster.

Make sure you are getting recommendations from genuine businesses that you trust and know. You can start by directly asking the other businesses for recommendations. And if you don't know any similar businesses to yours, then use social media platforms such as LinkedIn to connect with other businesses.

While taking recommendation ask for additional details on how the other businesses found that particular agent, what was the business requirement, and how the agent got them the right policy, etc.

2. Compile a list of potential agents

Once you get recommendations from different businesses make a list of all the recommended agents and if you have researched your own to find new agents then add them in the list as well.

Once you compile the list and if you aren't comfortable with the recommendation, then you can always contact a database service provider who provides a verified list of insurance agents with customized details.

This will eliminate the chances of fraud as these database services providers verify the insurance agent thoroughly. AverickMedia is one such database service provider that provides a telephone- verified list.

By doing this you will be focused on whom you are interacting with, where you got the recommendation from and what can you expect from the agent based on the knowledge you gathered. This will also help you ask relevant questions to the agent when you interview them.

3. Check for the reviews & research on the potential agents

Do your research on the list of agents you have complied through various websites and review pages.

  • Check for their rankings
  • See if the agent deals with the policy that you require.
  • Check for which insurance provider the agent works.
  • Go through government insurance regulatory websites to check for the agent's license validity and authenticity.
  • Check for the complaints or reviews on the agent and the insurance provider that the agent works for. Remember no matter how genuine the agent might be, but if the insurer isn't good then there is no point in buying a policy from that agent.

As a B2B company always choose a good commercial insurance policy. Buying personal insurance will do no good for your business. Commercial insurance policies are expensive, but they cover theft, fire accidents, disasters, etc which personal insurance might not cover.

Check if the agent and the insurance provider he/she works for provides commercial insurance

4. Research policies that might suit you.

Before meeting an agent make sure that you are aware of your requirements and have basic knowledge on different policies that might suit your requirement. Try and learn the average cost of your required policy and also learn about the general terms and conditions involved in your required policy.

This will further limit the chances of fraud involved, as a result, you can ask many relevant questions to the agent and know if they are providing the right information regarding the policy that suits you and will benefit you in the long term as well when you need a renewal of insurance.

5. Interview agents to find the right match.

Once you are done with all the above steps, make a new list of agents who you think will be right to find a policy that suits you best and prepare questions based on the agent and the insurance provider's profile.

Now, schedule an interview individually with all agents. Ask them all the questions you have regarding the agent and the insurance provider. Tell them your requirement and see if they provide personalized insurance.

Generally, a good agent working for a good insurance provider will offer you personalized insurance and answer all your questions thoroughly and put you at comfort. Check if the agent deals with specific conditions like yours.

Finally, choose an Insurance agent who you think is working in your best interest.

And if you aren't still satisfied and unable to find the right insurance agent or don't want to go through this long and painful process of finding a verified insurance agent then we have you cover.

AverickMedia provides B2B email database of verified Insurance agents email database that will help you connect with thousands of genuine insurance agents. This will save you time and other resources and get you maximum ROI.

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