How To Find CEO Contact Details, Including Phone Number?

A simple Google search will not suffice if your buyer persona is a Chief Executive Officer. You'll need some robust methods to produce leads for your CEO email list, as well as phone numbers and other contact information. CEOs are the highest-ranking members of a company who play a key role in business decision-making. They are hopping from one meeting to the next, making email the most convenient medium to reach them. This is why B2B organizations are concerned about how to find CEO contact details, especially email address online. This article will help you find every CEO email address you need whenever you need one. By the end of this article, you'll be able to find the email and phone number of any CEO, regardless of what company they work for.


Why Should You Find The CEO Contact Details?

As is already well-known, Chief Executive Officers are busy and do not have time to browse numerous messaging apps, particularly LinkedIn. Furthermore, they have hundreds of messages pending on LinkedIn, and yours could get lost in the shuffle. Remember that people build LinkedIn profiles using their personal email addresses. As a result, when you connect on LinkedIn, you will only have access to their personal email addresses. They also dislike using personal addresses for commercial communications. Reaching out to the CEO via a business email address is an effective way for B2B marketers to get responses and outcomes. In fact, According to a recent Inc article, most CEOs and venture capitalists personally read every well-written email they receive, even if they don't know the sender. This means that if you write a fantastic cold email to your favorite CEO, it will almost certainly be read.


How Do you get Started with Finding CEOs Contact Details?

Want to know how to find a CEO's contact details?

Here are FIVE simple and effective methods for marketers to find contact information for CEOs, such as email addresses and phone numbers, in their target companies.

1. Explore common email structure

Making an informed assumption based on the organization's email address structure is a very effective approach to identifying a CEO’s email, especially if they work for a small company. Begin by looking at the company's URL. Most businesses use generic email addresses, and even if you can't discover the CEO's email address directly, you'll almost certainly find an account overseen by the CEO.

Try these CEO email address variations:


You can then send the email address directly to the CEO's email account as if you expect the CEO to read it. Why? Because the email will stand out if the CEO is checking that account. Even if the CEO isn't there, the person in control of that account will most likely think you meant to send it to the CEO and will forward the email to them.

2. Use lead generation tools

There is no better way to get a CEO email address than by using a lead generation tool. It is quick, simple, dependable, and scalable. You can use tools like AverickMedia, UpLead, ZoomInfo, and many others to find out a CEO's name, contact information, email address, city, state, and other details. According to research, approximately 20-25% of data obtained from a third-party database becomes worthless. This is why these providers make certain that the email database is always refreshed and updated.

3. Google It But The Right Way

Googling is the simplest approach to search for something you don't know. This also is true for CEO contact details. People enjoy sharing information online in order to connect with others, especially if their firm is small and growing. You just need to know where to seek them.

Here are a few tactics you can utilize:

  • Making use of quotation marks Begin by entering the CEO's name between quotation marks. This guides Google that you only want to search for their whole name, not variations. This usually yields a few outcomes. Look for a personal blog, a bio, or anything else that has their contact information.
  • Advanced Google search If the first tactic doesn’t work, then try using advanced search. If a name is too common to produce useful results, try a few different search variations. You can filter the results by searching for their name within quote marks, followed by keywords like: "Edward Gate" email, "Edward Gate" contact information, "Edward Gate" name of company, etc. You may also use Google to find a website quickly by typing "site:" followed by the website and your keywords.

4. Leverage Social Media

Sometimes simply asking for someone's email address is the easiest method to find it. If the CEO you're interested in is on social media, their email address may be just a DM away. Most CEOs disclose their social media profiles on their company's "About" page, which may also be found via a Google search. Begin by preparing your profile page to improve your chances of success. Remember that the CEO will most likely skim through your profile, so make sure there's nothing there you'd prefer not to show. A decent profile photo may make a big difference. When you're ready to send your message, keep it simple. A brief message can go a long way. "Hello!" for example, “What is your email address?”

5. Make a direct call to the company

This is one of the simplest and most straightforward methods for locating a CEO's contact information. However, we have gotten so disconnected from making phone calls that few people attempt to do so. That is why this strategy may be extremely effective, particularly when contacting small to medium-sized businesses. If the company is small, it makes no difference who you contact. You should be able to get a reply. The larger the organization, though, the more answers you may need to provide. To ensure that you receive the email address, try to contact the highest-ranking person in the company.

Reach out to the qualified Prospects


Emailing a CEO is a good approach, but it might be difficult to carry out. Some CEOs may have unique and cryptic email addresses to avoid spam and may be difficult to reach. As a result, using a lead generation service is the simplest approach to ensure you're contacting CEOs.

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