The Phenomenal Impact of Coronavirus Outbreak on B2B Sector

  • By Lisa Noel
  • Oct 09, 2020

The ongoing pandemic is influencing all the part of our lives, from the plans we made for the year, to the savings and the freedom we enjoyed so far. In this current scenario, the Coronavirus is shaking up the business and consumers behaviour on a large scale. It made drastic changes in the B2B sector as well, business owners are still trying to figure out how to stay in business, operate and recover. Uncertainty became a central theme for B2B. In order to achieve great success, this is the time for B2B businesses must use sophisticated marketing and sales techniques.

A study conducted by eMarketer in selected countries such as UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, US and so on, concluded that the countries are experiencing significant disruption due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Image Source: Trade Shows eMarketer

Business and marketing ideas that have practiced so far wouldn't work at this point of time. Prep-corona business world has a great opportunity to have face to face events, this was one of the major strategies to enhance sales and marketing. Face to face events are the critical B2B touch point, lockdown restriction have paved a way to digital channels to recreate the event experience virtually. Following this trend would be a great stepping stone for this type of businesses.

Along with face to face virtual meetings, the B2B companies could think about the virtual events, paid searches, content marketing and email marketing to engage the audience and to get high reach. These techniques are going to conquer the B2B businesses in the coming years.

Covid-19 Pandemic transformed the B2B product sales into the next level. Research from McKinsey & Company stated that they uncovered a 23% increase in the worldwide average in the revenue share through ecommerce during the pandemic.

Image Source: eMarketer

Back in corona pandemic, the business world was empty without trade shows, conferences and other events. The place where people can meet and speak about business and tie-up with new clients. This always enhances the business opportunities. These platforms became virtual during the pandemic, this helped many B2B companies to cut short their marketing budget, and also many of the companies invested their money in online marketing. Predict HQ revealed in February itself considering virus outbreak led to a 500% surge in cancellation and postponement of events.

Image Source: Trade Shows News Network

Rapid changes and constant focus

Do not miss any latest business news and economic trends that can boost the future of the company. In fact, you need to stay at the top of the latest updates of business.

Know the restrictions, plan accordingly

Understand the needs of the clients and provide it with the utmost safety. A large number of B2B companies that transitioned to the remote working model have implemented remote work policy to continue the work.

Use time wisely and grow online

Many companies have made their presence online; this is the big time for B2B companies to step in to online. Having online presence can increase the brand value and trust on the business.

Generating Online Campaigns

Modernized marketing programs make fiscal sense, as long as you spend more time developing a powerful digital marketing campaign. Digital marketing tactics such as running ad campaigns will help to get attention from the clients, which would help to compete with the large corporations.

Image Source: eMarketer

The average US time spent per day with social networks is shown in the above figure sourced from eMarketer. It is considerably increasing each year as per the report.

While cross-checking decision-makers across the USA, half believe the economy will rebound in a couple of months. Apart from that, 96% of the B2B companies have shifted their GTM model during the pandemic. 65% of them believe the model is comparatively better than the traditional way.

The report from the UK stated that 39% of the B2B decision-makers believe that the economy will bounce in 2 to 3 months. The report says, 97% of the B2B companies have shifted their GTM model during the virus outbreak, out of that 58% believe that the model is more effective than the previous one.

Mckinsey & Company also stated that the decision-makers from Europe have relatively low optimistic regarding the rebound of the economy. 97% of the companies shifted their GTM model during the pandemic, 60% believe that the model is better than earlier one.

The uncertainty about the future of businesses is creating doubt among the decision-makers. Companies are striving to increase revenue. Hopefully, B2B companies would come up with innovative ideas to promote sales and marketing. Use of online marketing and digital campaigns would give a new face to B2B business.

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