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Building the best business leads is our top priority for you so you can stop looking over your shoulder. Through AverickMedia, you can outsource or buy business leads, outgrow competition and focus on all of your core operations. We take over tasks that root to look out for your business leads in the market through different research methods using AI and Data Scientists.


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Buy a List of B2B Emails of Executives

Search businesses by industry, key job role executives, revenue size, yearly sales growth, single or multiple locations and more to create the perfect targeted business email list for your email marketing campaigns.

Send Email Campaigns to your Targeted Businesses

Once you purchase an email list of key executives from your targeted businesses, you contact an email marketing specialist to design, send, and track an email campaign that gets perfect results. We can help you to do this and make your campaigns hit the target audience inbox within 24 hours.

700+ Industries to Choose from

We dive deep into industry-oriented databases that can be of high-end use to you and reduce the workload of your marketing teams. Get to choose from the most famous to the least famous industries of the business world and who you want to market to. Choose from Industries such as:

Selection Varieties in Getting your Business Leads

We specialize in giving you exactly what you need for your marketing cycles and that means 100% targeted data sets that are selected by you

2,000+ Job Titles

You get to make your criteria-oriented lists by choosing from over a million job titles and functions of business professionals around the world with advance segmented records.

14M+ Businesses

Choose businesses that can make a change to your sales outcomes and assist you in increasing revenue.

700+ Industries

Select from industries widespread and far apart without any struggle, we give you access to all the major industries of the business world.


1.5K+ SIC Codes

You can choose who your targeted set of audiences are through thousands of SIC codes to filter from.

NAIC Codes

Choose from NAIC Codes and never miss out on a business that can be your potential buyer in the market.

360° Geographic Selections

We know your audience can be in different parts of the world, and it is not always easy to find their contact data. Choose from countries, states, cities, radius, regions, and much more.

The Purchase of Our Lists Leads to target only specific industry/specific job title

The Baseline Speciality of our Business Leads Lists - Job Title and Industry Segmentations

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) through our Business Lists

Toss Away Mass Marketing and Wasting Resources on Marketing to Non-Potential Buyers of the Market, While our Lists Give you the Benefit of ABM

The Benefits and ABM-Enabled List Gives to your Business

Improve Customer Acquisition

Our expert data teams eliminate the poor leads that would go nowhere for you and frustrate your sales. We give you lists that shine a greater spotlight on the process of customer acquisition, making your marketing goals stronger in the long run and more directed towards your objectives.


Lists With the Ability to Give you Personal Touch

We give your marketing teams the opportunity to create more personalized messaging for specific groups of individuals and businesses. We oppose creating blanket messages for the whole population, guaranteeing you make closer connections with the perfect buyers.

Data that can Reduce the Time Spent on Sales and Marketing Cycles

Multiple sets of stakeholders are involved in making a final purchase decision. We can help directly land your message into their inbox. Our lists are ABM-enabled, and their unique features give you the opportunity to specifically nurture your primary decision-maker, along with all relevant prospects that facilitate and speed up your sales process faster than usual.


Trust-Based Customer Relationship

Our Lists allow you to actively communicate how you can help your clients with their requirements. Clients are more drawn to you for answers that you can offer to them. And when they find them, they learn to trust your business. Once the trust is built, a relationship is formed, and this, in turn, leads to a higher number of sales. Our lists come with data that can be a source of this procedure effortlessly.

Right Set of Accounts and the Right Set of Leads

We do not let you spend half of your team's energy on low-level and low-profit clients when even one deal with the right kind of leadership can account for half your revenue and sales. Our lists target only the accounts most likely to close for you. This ends up with the right leads generating more revenue than hundreds of the wrong leads combined could do.



Do you know the Binge-Worthy Benefits of Outsourcing Business Lists from us?

  • We Fit your Budget and do not lead to large financial commitments
  • You would No Longer Need Expensive In-House teams to run data compilations for business leads
  • You can give up on dependency on low yielding marketing approaches
  • Quit worrying about lack of specializations or expenditure on expert advice
  • We deploy sophisticated teams to meet your demands
  • We drive 107% sales volumes with a readily available business lead list
  • We double your customer outreach in no time
We identify the external contributors that can make it great for your business. Our team of expert data scientists assesses the essentials you would need to filter with and work on delivering the best of business leads lists to you. You can get your hands on the highest number of sales leads with access to just one list and not have your marketing budget get off the board.

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