Database Management

We apply classic and proprietary analytical techniques to customer data with clear business goals in mind and deliver you findings that are both understandable and actionable.

A number of our proprietary data products have been developed in house to address key CRM issues.

The Lifetime Value model enables you to understand how much a typical member or customer is worth over a typical lifetime. And how long that typical lifetime can be expected to last. It allows the profiling of those customers with the highest Lifetime Value. So that values for customers with client-defined characteristics can be accurately determined. This valuable insight can then drive marketing spend decisions as well as customer communication and acquisition strategies.


Data Sourcing

AverickMedia in-house systems, expertise and unique database of B2B contacts, will provide you with all the up-to-date data you need to maximise the effectiveness of your sales and marketing campaigns.


Data Building

Whether adding value to an existing database by expanding on existing information, or building a completely bespoke data source from scratch, our experienced team can be utilised to provide you with a one-off target database, or alternatively to build and update your information on an ongoing basis. As a progression to this service, we are also able to offer in-depth company profiling to support your new business or client development activities.


Data Cleansing

Accurate data is an essential starting point for a successful new business campaign and many companies waste valuable time and money targeting inappropriate or out-of-date contacts. Our telemarketers provide a high quality database cleansing service to ensure your records are kept up-to-date with the latest company and contact information. AverickMedia's data cleansing services are often combined with data building in order to increase the depth of information and develop a true marketing database.


Database Management

For companies with existing data, AverickMedia can manage and host your database, updating information and contacts across the year. AverickMedia will design and structure a database that suits your requirements. We will de-duplicate contacts and segment data to establish the best companies to target with future marketing activities.


Four Reasons to choose AverickMedia

Accurate, Responsive Data at Unbeaten Prices

Dedicated Account Manager to take care of your business marketing

Responsibly Sourced Contacts to the highest industry standards

High Levels of Customer Satisfaction

Build your Sales & Marketing List. We ensure zero contact duplication

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