De-Duplication Service

Deduplication services help you identify and merge duplicate records ensuring data quality improvement which in turn helps you save money by greatly reducing storage and outbound communication costs.

With the increased costs of production, postage and tighter deadlines, it’s imperative that marketers accurately eliminate all duplicates in a marketing database.

Duplication of names on a database causes two problems

  • It wastes resources – particularly of postage in a Direct Mail campaign
  • It reduces the effectiveness of the message as it irritates the recipient
  • It distorts any analysis of the database

Our service can reduce Duplication using a phonetic code which can be used to accurately match address and personal details and by ignoring common words such as “The”, “Limited”, “Company” etc. and then deduplicate to:

  • One occurrence only of each individual’s name
  • One occurrence only of a company name (i.e. one individual per address)
  • A maximum fixed number of contacts per address
  • Linking named individuals to one company address in preparation for the creation of a new relational database

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