Enterprise Data Quality

Enterprise Data Quality extends the lifetime value of information

Business today is online, instantaneous, and connected. Critical information you use to drive business process and decisions can change in the blink of an eye. How do you ensure that you have accurate data feeding your business?

True EDQ enables your organization to integrate data quality into all your enterprise applications and share and reuse peak-condition global data seamlessly across teams of people, lines of business, applications, and systems, yet apply that data locally. With enterprise data quality, you gain a competitive advantage as decision-makers worldwide access and act on information that is accurate, consistent, current and complete.

Averickmedia's proven methodology, organizations can easily and quickly gain benefits from improve data quality. Establish alignment between the business and IT with data governance to focus, prioritize, and measure data quality. Then deploy solutions, processes, and resources to discover data conditions, develop business rules and process to cleanse data, deploy through batch and real-time services, and continually monitor and manage your data.


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