Firmographic Data

Firmographic Data and Firmographic Classifications for your Marketing Data

Firmographic data, also known as firmographics. It is a set of characteristics used to categorize corporations and organizations. Firmographics are data sets like demographics for people and technographic for technology. It allows you to categorize firms based on unique identifiers. It's especially beneficial for B2B teams looking to rapidly discover and engage qualified leads who are most likely to benefit from your product or service.

How our Firmographic Data help to Improve Your Sales Process

Here, both quarterly and yearly firmographic data are significant. While annual sales and income statistics may be used to guide long-term sales strategy, quarterly results can assist in identifying more urgent requirements.

How does Targeted Firmographic Data Enable a Better Sales Process?

  • You can find your audiences on a global level
  • Filter from major and minor specifics
  • Take advantage of assessing future prospects
  • Leverage the opportunity to evaluate existing suppliers and clients
  • Skip out on the duplicate records and low-yielding leads

Targeting Audience With Firmographic Data Sets

You can choose from over 30 firmographic classifications to target the exact set of audiences in the market.

  • You can find your audiences on a global level
  • Filter from major and minor specifics
  • Skip out on the duplicate records and low-yielding leads
  • Leverage the opportunity to evaluate existing suppliers and clients
  • Leverage the opportunity to evaluate existing suppliers and clients

B2B Email Contacts By Industry Sector

The Uses of Firmographic Segmentation

Firmographics make it simple to discover prospects who are a suitable fit. When you begin using firmographic data to inform marketing and sales choices, you will notice a number of advantages coming your way. We give you the option to narrow down an audience based on varied firmographics that can enhance your marketing cycles.

You can Use B2B Firmographic Data to

Identify Leads Faster than Ever

Identifying qualified prospects becomes a snap once you begin adding firmographic data into your sales cycle. You may use our parameters to rapidly filter and find firms that meet your needs. We make it simple for any business to scale up its lead generation operations by leveraging technographic data to identify prospects and drive decision-making.


To Improve your Marketing Messages

Personalization generates 5-8 times the ROI on marketing investment as a generic message. You should personalize every marketing and sales message that you can. If a prospect does not believe your email or phone call is relevant, they will not contact you again. You'll be able to communicate to prospects and give more value than ever before once you start using firmographic data. Knowing your prospects' revenue growth, business size, locations, and other important information will help your team to offer them relevant information about your firm and personalize their sales presentations and marketing messages.

You can Optimize your Ad Targeting

Advertising on the basis of assumptions is difficult. If you make incorrect assumptions, you will waste money by advertising to disinterested audiences. Firmographic data can help your ad targeting. After you've found data about your ideal prospects, you can utilize it to better target your advertising, and our expert teams have got your back on this aspect. You can take a step ahead of the market and identify companies that fit the firmographic needs through this data.


Segment the Mass Population

Now that you have your data, it's time to start segmenting your prospects. Consider how you might filter your data to assist your sales department to perform better. You may filter your data such that businesses that check those two items are labeled as a high priority. They will then be forwarded to your most senior sales experts so that you may find fascinating ways to look at the data, which can be extremely beneficial for your sales operations and increase your revenues.

Firmographic Data Sources - Sources You can Rely On

We have a specialized team of experts working on the compilation and segmentation of our B2B firmographic records that are collected from the most credible sources.

Derived Data: Derived data is everything you learn from sources that aren't specifically set up to exchange data but contain it nonetheless. This may include things like seeing photographs of a firm's staff on social media and learning how many workers they have or a company declaring they've reached a particular bar.

Company Self Reported Databases: Anything that a corporation reveals about itself is considered self-reported data. This may be information from corporate websites, public company registrations, tax filings, or anything similar. We make sure to gather every free-flowed data, verified and duplicate free to cater to the best marketing campaigns.

Expert Team Verified Data: We have a dedicated data sourcing and verification team that can be a trusted B2B data provider and the best resource-efficient option.


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