How Omnichannel Marketing can be a Competitive Advantage for B2B Marketers this Year

  • By Lisa Noel
  • Jan, 28 2021

2020 has so far been one of the most challenging years for B2B businesses to pivot on what might be the best marketing strategy. Meeting and events had always been one of the largest sales channels for B2B marketers in the industry for over a decade. Unfortunately, these two great sales and marketing channels had been put on hold since the beginning of 2020, leaving B2B marketers to define new channels.

Simultaneously new channels like CTV and OOH came into the picture. It meant a tougher decision to make. Though, it is predicted that a lot will go back to meetings and events after the pandemic. There are some Statistics that have stated businesses have been indulged in the process of online and have gotten used to this procedure.

The Newer Marketing Channels Include:

  • Over the Top [OTT] Advertising
  • Connected TV [CTV]
  • Data Management Platform [DMP]
  • Demand-Side Platform [DSP]
  • Real-Time Bidding [RTB]
  • Gross Rating Point [GRP]

The shifts in marketing approaches left a significant amount of B2B marketers more drawn towards omnichannel marketing. The conclusion happened on the belief that B2B marketing was more challenging when compared to B2C marketing. It was as B2B marketers have a more narrow set of audience. Omnichannel could effectively bring various channels together and make room for coordinated marketing on new channels that has not been tried before.

With the focus on updated data and united channels, B2B marketers could even win over CTV and other newer concepts as long as it has been creating a cohesive experience for the prospects. The omnichannel approach can prove to be effective for B2B businesses around the globe, just as if it has played its part in B2C and other markets.

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