Case Study: How our team of experts helped an Insurance Company reduce 40% of the time spent on locating prospects


Reduction in Online Marketing Expenditure


Response Rate


Email Campaign Reach

  • Business Age
    3.5-4 Years
  • Target Audience
    Exclusive Cars & Truck owners
  • Industry
  • Marketing Campaign
    Promotion Marketing
  • Business Location
    United States of America
  • Business Headquarters
    United States of America

Company Background:

The client is an Insurance company in the USA, which provides Business Income Insurance to small and new businesses in the US. They strive to make medium scale businesses and small business's run successfully. By helping them with business income protection that can replace their lost earnings that will stop the business's to cease from future loss or theft. They procure to give medium and small businesses the flexibility of exploring new opportunities, and to keep the business efficiently running.


The client for a long-time has been building in-house email lists, which wasn't productive enough. The process of building an in-house email list begun to be counter-productive as it required a lot of time to source. It took up intensive labor and more than four weeks to produce an email list that left the company with less to no time to focus on post-leads and post-sales activities.


When the client collaborated with us, our team of experts immediately started looking into the challenges faced by our client. Then the expert team provided them with a customized database of the small and new businesses in the USA that they could market instantly without the wait any further.


  • The time span of implementation of marketing campaign reduced from 5 weeks to 1 week.
  • Email Campaign helped the client reach 35% of the medium and small scale businesses in the whole of the USA.
  • Received responses from 22% of the emails sent, and 7.6% of the respondents converted into profitable customers.
  • The cost of email production was reduced by 24%.

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