Case Study: How Averickmedia Helps a Manufacturing Company to Get High ROI


More Click Rates


Lead Rate Increased


Increase in ROI

  • Business Age
    10 Years
  • Target Audience
    Automobile industry, Manufacturers
  • Industry
  • Marketing Communications
    Standard Email Marketing Strategy
  • Business Location
    United States of America
  • Business Headquarters
    North America

Client Background

The client is a manufacturing company in North America, serving a wide array of manufacturers in the high-precision automobile industry all the way to local machine shops replacing their tooling equipment. The company has been heavily involved with the execution of many tire projects since 2008. This experience allows them to fully understand the evolution of the tire manufacturing market.

The Challenge

This Manufacturing Company has been facing problems to increase its product supply. The company uses a number of email marketing and lead generation agencies, sending a high volume of emails consistently for 10 years. However, lead rates have dropped and the cut through into the businesses had started to decline. Our challenge was to create a market differentiator for the client and to ensure that the message we sent was unlike any other.

The Solution

We completely changed the creative approach with a comprehensive and scalable email marketing plan to improve communication with both new leads and returning customers. We tried to make it desirable and ensure that the journey from email to landing page was clean, consistent and simple. We provide dedicated support, a targeted marketing database of equal size, instant access to view campaign metrics and a clear campaign program.


  • Open rates doubled, click rates rose 28%
  • Lead Rate Increased by 31%
  • 26% increase in ROI
  • 33% increase in website visits

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