NAICS Code 6212 - Offices of Dentists

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NAICS Code Titles Total US Businesses
NAICS Code 6212 Offices of Dentists 209,357
NAICS Code 621210 Offices of Dentists 209,357

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Database of NAICS Code 6212 - Related Businesses

The NAICS Code 6212 Offices of Dentists industry consists of establishments primarily engaged in the independent practise of general or specialised dentistry or dental surgery by health practitioners with the degrees of D.M.D. (Doctor of dental medicine), D.D.S. (Doctor of dental surgery), or D.D.Sc. (Doctor of dental science). These practitioners run private or group practises from their own offices (e.g., centres, clinics) or from others' facilities, such as hospitals or HMO medical centres. They can provide comprehensive preventive, cosmetic, or emergency care, or they can specialise in a specific area of dentistry.

NAICS Code 6212 Industry Database Offices of Dentists Industry Database
Dental Hygienist Services List Orthodontist Services List
Veterinary Service Database Dental Office Database
DDSS (Doctors Of Dental Surgery) Offices List Endodontists Offices List
Prosthodontists Offices Database Surgeons, Dental, Offices Database
Oral Pathologists Offices List Doctors Of Dental Medicine (DMDS) Offices List
Dentists Offices Database Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeons' Offices Database

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NAICS Code 6212 - Offices of Dentists Industries Database

Dentistry For Children Inc Dental Care Alliance LLC Dental Associates, Ltd
Birner Dental Management Services Inc Pacific Dental Services LLC Orthosynetics Inc
Dental Associates of CT Dentists Choice Dental Care Plus Group
Aspen Dental Management Inc Heartland Dental Care Smart Health
Interdent Inc Great Expressions Dental Centers Western Dental Services Inc
Coast Dental Services LLC Ampla Health St Jhns Well Child Fmly Ctr I

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