SIC Code 3272 - Concrete Products

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SIC Code Titles Total US Businesses
SIC Code 3272 Concrete Products, Nec 4,184
SIC Code 327200 Concrete products, nec 1,024
SIC Code 32720000 Concrete products, nec 1,024
SIC Code 327201 Liquid catch basins, tanks, and covers:
SIC Code 32720100 Liquid catch basins, tanks, and covers:
SIC Code 32720101 Catch basin covers, concrete 11
SIC Code 32720102 Manhole covers or frames, concrete 26
SIC Code 32720103 Septic tanks, concrete 231
SIC Code 32720104 Tanks, concrete 22
SIC Code 327202 Solid containing units, concrete 49
SIC Code 32720200 Solid containing units, concrete 6
SIC Code 32720201 Battery wells or boxes, concrete 0
SIC Code 32720202 Garbage boxes, concrete 3
SIC Code 32720203 Grease traps, concrete 16
SIC Code 32720204 Incinerators, concrete 3
SIC Code 32720205 Meter boxes, concrete 9
SIC Code 32720206 Silo staves, cast stone or concrete 9
SIC Code 32720207 Silos, prefabricated concrete 3
SIC Code 327203 Precast terrazo or concrete products 1,794
SIC Code 32720300 Precast terrazo or concrete products 229
SIC Code 32720301 Bathtubs, concrete 20
SIC Code 32720302 Burial vaults, concrete or precast
SIC Code 32720303 Concrete products, precast, nec 752
SIC Code 32720304 Floor slabs and tiles, precast concrete 58
SIC Code 32720305 Floor tile, precast terrazzo 2
SIC Code 32720306 Fountains, concrete 20
SIC Code 32720307 Fountains, wash: precast terrazzo 3
SIC Code 32720308 Furniture, church: concrete 2
SIC Code 32720309 Furniture, garden: concrete 13
SIC Code 32720311 Poles and posts, concrete 21
SIC Code 32720312 Roofing tile and slabs, concrete 34
SIC Code 32720313 Shower receptors, concrete 3
SIC Code 32720314 Slabs, crossing: concrete 9
SIC Code 32720315 Spanish floor tile, concrete 1
SIC Code 32720316 Steps, prefabricated concrete 29
SIC Code 32720318 Terrazzo products, precast, nec 5
SIC Code 32720319 Thresholds, precast terrazzo 1
SIC Code 32720320 Ties, railroad: concrete 12
SIC Code 32720321 Tile, precast terrazzo or concrete 16
SIC Code 32720322 Tombstones, precast terrazzo or concrete 10
SIC Code 32720323 Wall base, precast terrazzo 3
SIC Code 32720324 Wash foundations, precast terrazzo 4
SIC Code 327204 Fireplace and chimney material: concrete 63
SIC Code 32720400 Fireplace and chimney material: concrete 28
SIC Code 32720401 Chimney caps, concrete 3
SIC Code 32720402 Fireplaces, concrete 29
SIC Code 32720403 Mantels, concrete 3
SIC Code 327205 Concrete window and door components,
sills and frames
SIC Code 32720500 Concrete window and door components,
sills and frames
SIC Code 32720501 Areaways, basement window: concrete 8
SIC Code 32720502 Door frames, concrete 3
SIC Code 32720503 Lintels, concrete 3
SIC Code 32720504 Sills, concrete 2
SIC Code 32720505 Window sills, cast stone 3
SIC Code 327206 Concrete products used to facilitate
SIC Code 32720600 Concrete products used to facilitate
SIC Code 32720601 Concrete articulated mattresses for river
SIC Code 32720602 Conduits, concrete 5
SIC Code 32720603 Copings, concrete 8
SIC Code 32720604 Culvert pipe, concrete 15
SIC Code 32720605 Cylinder pipe, prestressed or pretensioned
SIC Code 32720606 Drain tile, concrete 5
SIC Code 32720607 Irrigation pipe, concrete 7
SIC Code 32720608 Pipe, concrete or lined with concrete 76
SIC Code 32720609 Pressure pipe, reinforced concrete 8
SIC Code 32720610 Sewer pipe, concrete 30
SIC Code 32720611 Well curbing, concrete 3
SIC Code 327207 Concrete stuctural support and building
SIC Code 32720700 Concrete stuctural support and building
SIC Code 32720701 Ashlar, cast stone 0
SIC Code 32720702 Building materials, except block or brick:
SIC Code 32720703 Building stone, artificial: concrete 25
SIC Code 32720704 Cast stone, concrete 64
SIC Code 32720705 Columns, concrete 9
SIC Code 32720707 Housing components, prefabricated concrete 20
SIC Code 32720708 Joists, concrete 1
SIC Code 32720709 Panels and sections, prefabricated concrete 12
SIC Code 32720710 Pier footings, prefabricated concrete 2
SIC Code 32720711 Piling, prefabricated concrete 2
SIC Code 32720712 Siding, precast stone 16
SIC Code 32720713 Stone, cast concrete 80
SIC Code 32720714 Wall and ceiling squares, concrete 9
SIC Code 327208 Monuments and grave markers, except terrazo 159
SIC Code 32720800 Monuments and grave markers, except terrazo 119
SIC Code 32720801 Grave markers, concrete 12
SIC Code 32720802 Monuments, concrete 28
SIC Code 327299 Concrete products, nec, nec 169
SIC Code 32729901 Art marble, concrete 22
SIC Code 32729902 Dry mixture concrete 52
SIC Code 32729903 Paving materials, prefabricated concrete 32
SIC Code 32729904 Prestressed concrete products 63

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Database of SIC Code 3272 - Related Businesses

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing concrete products, except block and brick, from a combination of cement and aggregate. Contractors engaged in concrete construction work are classified in Division C, Construction, and establishments primarily engaged in mixing and delivering ready-mixed concrete are classified in Industry 3273.

SIC Code 3272 - Concrete Products Manhole Covers and Frames Manufacturers
Panels and Prefabricated Sections Concrete Septic Tanks
SIC Code Concrete Bathtubs Battery Wells and Boxes Manufacturing Industry
Concrete Irrigation Pipe Pretensioned Concrete Cylinder Pipe
Artificial Concrete Building Stone Manufacturers SIC Code Precast Terrazzo Burial Vaults
Concrete Floor Filler Tiles Manufacturers SIC Code Precast Concrete Floor Slabs
Cast Stone Manufacturing Industry Reinforced Concrete Pressure Pipe Manufacturers
Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe SIC Code Paving Materials
Roofing Tile and Slabs Prestressed Concrete Products
Prefabricated Concrete Housing Components Irrigation Pipe Manufacturing Industry
Chimney Caps and Concrete Columns Block and Brick Precast Concrete Products
Culvert Pipe Manufacturers Block and Brick Concrete Building Materials

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SIC Code 3272 Concrete Products Industries Database

Trinity Industries Inc Smith Midland Corp Atlantic Concrete Products Co
L. Thorn Company Eagle Materials Inc Unilock Chicago Inc
Florida Rock Ind Inc Ready Mix Concrete Co of Knoxville Encon United
Anchor Block Co Heldenfels Enterprises Inc Buzzi Unicem USA Inc

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