SIC Code 3679 - Electronic Components

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SIC Code Titles Total US Businesses
SIC Code 3679 Electronic Components, Nec 3,098
SIC Code 367900 Electronic components, nec 323
SIC Code 36790000 Electronic components, nec 323
SIC Code 367901 Electronic circuits 1,457
SIC Code 36790100 Electronic circuits 1,168
SIC Code 36790101 Attenuators 14
SIC Code 36790102 Commutators, electronic 27
SIC Code 36790103 Delay lines 4
SIC Code 36790104 Impedance conversion units, high frequency 1
SIC Code 36790105 Microwave components 159
SIC Code 36790106 Passive repeaters 3
SIC Code 36790107 Pulse forming networks 2
SIC Code 36790108 Rectifiers, electronic 6
SIC Code 36790109 Rheostats, for electronic end products 12
SIC Code 36790110 Solenoids for electronic applications 8
SIC Code 36790111 Transducers, electrical 46
SIC Code 36790112 Waveguides and fittings 7
SIC Code 367902 Recording and playback apparatus,
including phonograph
SIC Code 36790200 Recording and playback apparatus,
including phonograph
SIC Code 36790201 Phonograph needle cartridges 1
SIC Code 36790202 Phonograph needles 1
SIC Code 36790203 Recording and playback heads, magnetic 8
SIC Code 36790204 Recording heads, speech and musical equipment 36
SIC Code 367903 Electronic loads and power supplies 278
SIC Code 36790300 Electronic loads and power supplies 113
SIC Code 36790301 Loads, electronic 12
SIC Code 36790302 Oscillators 18
SIC Code 36790303 Power supplies, all types: static 107
SIC Code 36790304 Static power supply converters for electronic
SIC Code 367904 Electronic crystals 88
SIC Code 36790400 Electronic crystals 31
SIC Code 36790401 Crystals and crystal assemblies, radio 6
SIC Code 36790402 Piezoelectric crystals 8
SIC Code 36790403 Quartz crystals, for electronic application 43
SIC Code 367905 Electronic switches 133
SIC Code 36790500 Electronic switches 121
SIC Code 36790501 Step positioners, for transmitting equipment 1
SIC Code 36790502 Switches, stepping 4
SIC Code 36790503 Video triggers, except remote control
TV devices
SIC Code 367999 Electronic components, nec, nec 748
SIC Code 36799901 Antennas, receiving 77
SIC Code 36799902 Antennas, satellite: household use 56
SIC Code 36799903 Cores, magnetic 23
SIC Code 36799904 Cryogenic cooling devices for infrared
detectors, masers
SIC Code 36799905 Harness assemblies, for electronic use:
wire or cable
SIC Code 36799906 Headphones, radio 40
SIC Code 36799907 Hermetic seals, for electronic equipment 33
SIC Code 36799908 Liquid crystal displays (LCD) 79
SIC Code 36799909 Parametric amplifiers 6
SIC Code 36799910 Resonant reed devices, electronic 1
SIC Code 36799911 Sockets, electronic tube 1
SIC Code 36799912 Tube retainers, electronic 2
SIC Code 36799913 Tube spacers, mica 0
SIC Code 36799914 Tube transformer assemblies used in firing
electronic tubes
SIC Code 36799915 Voice controls 19

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Database of SIC Code 3679 - Related Businesses

Establishments that are primarily involved in producing electronic components that are not otherwise classified, such as receiving antennas, switches, and waveguides. Industry 3663 is designated for businesses that manufacture radio and television transmitting antennas as their primary business.

SIC Code 3679 - Electronic Components Electronic Switches Manufacturers and Suppliers
SIC Code Electronic Tube Retainers Mica Tube Spacers
Electronic Rectifiers Manufacturing Industry Automobile and Portable Antennas
Electronic Tube Sockets Manufacturers Attenuators Manufacturers
Electronic Commutators Manufacturing Company Radio Headphones
Microwave Components Oscillator Manufacturers and Suppliers
Liquid Crystal Displays Manufacturers Pulse Forming Networks
SIC Code Parametric Amplifiers Piezoelectric Crystals
Static Power Supply Converters Step Positioners Manufacturing Industry
Magnetic Cores Manufacturers and Suppliers Cryogenic Cooling Devices

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SIC Code 3679Electronic Components Industries Database

Geospace Technologies Corp Cree Inc Infineon Technologies America Corp
Fargo Assembly Company Sanmina Corp Howard Transportation Inc
W L Gore And Associates Inc Control4 Corporate Ultralife Corp
Harmonic Inc Tempel Steel Co Micron Technology Inc

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