SIC Code 5065 - Electronic Parts and Equipment

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SIC Code Titles Total US Businesses
SIC Code 5065 Electronic Parts and Equipment, Nec 14,932
SIC Code 506500 Electronic parts and equipment, nec 4,157
SIC Code 50650000 Electronic parts and equipment, nec 4,157
SIC Code 506501 Telephone and telegraphic equipment 2,297
SIC Code 50650100 Telephone and telegraphic equipment 876
SIC Code 50650101 Mobile telephone equipment 758
SIC Code 50650102 Telegraph equipment 12
SIC Code 50650103 Telephone equipment 649
SIC Code 50650104 Teletype equipment 2
SIC Code 506502 Communication equipment 2,152
SIC Code 50650200 Communication equipment 1,051
SIC Code 50650201 Amateur radio communications equipment 40
SIC Code 50650202 Electronic tubes: receiving and transmitting,
or industrial
SIC Code 50650203 Facsimile equipment 105
SIC Code 50650204 Intercommunication equipment, electronic 172
SIC Code 50650205 Modems, computer 60
SIC Code 50650206 Paging and signaling equipment 113
SIC Code 50650207 Public address equipment 17
SIC Code 50650208 Sound equipment, electronic 566
SIC Code 506503 Electronic parts 4,669
SIC Code 50650300 Electronic parts 3,886
SIC Code 50650301 Capacitors, electronic 37
SIC Code 50650302 Cassettes, recording 19
SIC Code 50650303 Coils, electronic 20
SIC Code 50650304 Condensers, electronic 1
SIC Code 50650305 Connectors, electronic 94
SIC Code 50650306 Diodes 21
SIC Code 50650307 Rectifiers, electronic 4
SIC Code 50650308 Resistors, electronic 8
SIC Code 50650309 Semiconductor devices 548
SIC Code 50650310 Transformers, electronic 18
SIC Code 50650311 Transistors 13
SIC Code 506504 Radio and television equipment and parts 614
SIC Code 50650400 Radio and television equipment and parts 127
SIC Code 50650401 Cathode ray picture tubes 1
SIC Code 50650402 Citizens band radios 27
SIC Code 50650403 Closed circuit TV 62
SIC Code 50650404 Radio parts and accessories, nec 51
SIC Code 50650405 Radio receiving and transmitting tubes 20
SIC Code 50650406 Television receiving and transmitting tubes 12
SIC Code 50650407 Transmitters 28
SIC Code 50650408 TV parts and accessories, nec 42
SIC Code 50650409 Video equipment, electronic 244
SIC Code 506599 Electronic parts and equipment, nec, nec 1,043
SIC Code 50659901 Diskettes, computer 39
SIC Code 50659902 Magnetic recording tape 12
SIC Code 50659903 Security control equipment and systems 798
SIC Code 50659904 Tapes, audio and video recording 180
SIC Code 50659905 Radar detectors 14

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Database of SIC Code 5065 - Related Businesses

Establishments whose main activity is the wholesale distribution of electronic components and electronic communications equipment, not otherwise classified, including intercommunications equipment, radio and television broadcasting and communications equipment, telephone and telegraphic equipment, etc. Industry 5064 is home to businesses that specialise in the wholesale distribution of audio and video equipment for homes, including phonographs, radios, and televisions.

SIC Code 5065 - Electronic Parts and Equipment Radio Parts and Accessories
SIC Code Electronic Rectifiers Electronic Intercommunications Equipment
Magnetic Recording Tape Manufacturers Modems Manufacturing Company
Electronic Resistors Manufacturers Telephone Equipment Manufacturing Industry
SIC Code Electronic Coils Communications Equipment Suppliers
SIC Code Electronic Transformers Transistors Manufacturing Industry
Amateur Radio Communications Equipment Electronic Condensers Manufacturing Industry
SIC Code Electronic Connectors Semiconductor Devices Manufacturing Industry
Cathode Ray Picture Tubes Manufacturing Company Citizens Band Radios Manufacturers and Suppliers
Telegraph Equipment Manufacturers Electronic Parts and Accessories
Electronic Capacitors Manufacturers Recording Cassettes Manufacturers
Diodes Manufacturers and Suppliers Transmitters Manufacturing Company

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SIC Code 5065 Electronic Parts and Equipment Industries Database

Global Visual Group Adel Rootstein USA Inc Direct South Inc
Empire Equipment The Legacy Companies Enterprise Vending
Coin Acceptors Inc Chain Link Service LP Glory Global Solutions Inc
Brechbuhler Scales Inc Centralized Supply Chain Services Hufcor Inc

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