Technographic Data

Firmographic Data and Firmographic Classifications for your Marketing Data

A method of analyzing statistical data generated by a community or group based on their ownership and use of technology. It belongs to the same market segmentation category as Demographics and Firmographics, and we do all the hard work for you when it comes to acquiring it.

You Should Care About Technographics

You Need to Care About Technographic Leads to keep from Perishable Campaigns. Are you a business reliant on accurate prospecting data to drive your marketing? We are an established brand at identifying your niche personas, whether you are a fully grown business or a start-up trying to make their first sale. We have got what you need.

After decades in the shadows of its siblings, it is only now, in the age of big data, that technographics' full promise can be realized. Without a question, the data explosion we're presently witnessing is mind-boggling.


What we do for you

The most difficult task for most marketers today is differentiating themselves from an ever-expanding pool of rivals. We make up to be the solution for this issue. We look at the entire landscape of the US and on a global level to cater to your marketing needs. As for our solutions, you can take into consideration the current state of marketing technology and how this can benefit your business.

Adapting to technographic benefits can keep you from perishing. Technographics offer enhanced customization of the customer experience by providing a deeper knowledge of a prospective client's technological stack. In a world of nearly identical technologies and services, those that deliver a greater customer experience will always prevail.

In a data-driven world, understanding the technology utilized by businesses provides you a distinct competitive advantage.

Our Technographic Data Sources

Naturally, the contents of a company's technological stack will not be available in any public documents or databases. As a result, businesses will be required to generate and maintain technographic data. That is why we have a team of expert data scientists that can benefit you in the process of reaching the right buyers in the market.

Here is how we bring together the best Technographic data Segmentation for you


We have a team of experts who make millions of calls and send millions of emails per month in order to get the best technographic data for you.

Advanced-Data Scraping

Data scraping is the process of extracting codes from a website in order to discover the essential information.

Expert Data Scientists

We have a team of experts who are specifically specialized in technographic data compilation.

Benefits of our Technographic Data Segmentation

You Get Granular Customer Segments

By profiling your existing clients, you can gain a better understanding of their technology stack and the tools they use to address challenges that are relevant to your value offer. Marketing automation requires a significant commitment of both time and money. As a result, these tools indicate how serious they are about their marketing. It can also reflect the scale of the firm as well as the sophistication of its marketing and technology teams.

Technographic data will show you which firms utilize particular tools, as well as any other tools that may be important (both complementary and competing). With this information, you may conduct an analysis of the prospects' difficulties and needs using this technology. You may also determine if they utilize cloud-based software or in-house software. They are priceless indicators of a prospect's qualifications. It can also help you customize the sales process to your prospects' demands based on the technology they use.


Crystal-Clear Sales Funnel

You can prioritize target accounts and lead distribution across marketing and sales teams as you develop a more detailed firmographic and technographic profile of your audience. Lead prioritizing is the process of separating high-quality leads from those that are unlikely to convert. At scale, technographic may help develop a more detailed profile of those high-quality leads. Not only that, but you can also engage with the proper audience on a large scale.

When you combine technographic with data enrichment, you have an automatic technique of ranking leads. Your salesmen no longer have to sift through piles of leads to identify the finest ones. Sales automation has delivered it to them on a silver platter, bettering the sales funnel.

Driven and Faster Campaigns

For sales teams, it is critical to strike while the iron is hot. New announcements and news-worthy information focusing on your prospects should be capitalized on as soon as possible. Focus your outreach on these types of initiatives, and use technographic to help you find a unique viewpoint. For example, if a target account has received fresh financing but is still using an inferior rival product, you may inform them about the risks of utilizing such a solution during moments of growth, emphasizing how you do things better in the process.


A Personalized Customer Journey

Salespeople aren't the only ones who can benefit from technographics. You can utilize this data to enhance the whole inbound marketing funnel and customer journey in order to better nurture leads and convert more trial users into customers. Indeed, customers are constantly inundated with marketing messages. Understanding a lead's technological stack puts you in a better position to provide them with valuable material at every level of the relationship. The path you lead them on is determined by the technographic data you identified.

For what you can Use Technographic Data in your B2B Marketing Cycles

Generation of Demand

Determine whether firms utilize a mix of technologies to hyper-target your demand creation activities. Contact companies and demonstrate how your solution combines the benefits of several tools under one roof.

Utilize Upselling Opportunities

Similarly, look for technologies in which your product or service may provide a complementary answer. Use this information to upsell third-party technologies that target accounts that have previously purchased.


Use it in your Sales Calls

Prioritize your cold calling efforts by identifying the accounts with the most potential.

Use it for your Ads

Create advertising that specifically targets users of particular tools and technologies. Customize the content and ad design to raise brand recognition and enhance conversion rates for your ABM advertising.

Uncover Markets

Using technographic data will assist you in discovering previously unknown markets. To win them over, identify your competition and utilize technographics to identify their customers.

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