5 Best Lead Generation Tips for IT Companies

  • By Ronald Thompson

Industry 4.0 and digitization of the world is a blessing in disguise for IT Companies to generate leads. But at the same time, it is also a problem as your potential leads have multiple options to look into. This article will help in getting an edge over your competitors and also give you an insight on how to plan an effective lead generation strategy for your Tech Company.

Lead generation is majorly used to attract potential customers to your business. This stands good, but what generally businesses forget is that lead generation should not only be used to find interested customers, but also to find the customers who are going to be you're near future customers.

As an Tech company, it's important to remember that your customers or potential customers are on a search to find a solution to their problem. Finding a solution to their problem is a basic necessity for them, IT companies have to provide solutions and educate the potential customers on the prescribed solution by you. This situation is a perfect opportunity to capitalize on by providing good services to potential customers.

Lead generation in IT companies is an important part of the marketing cycle for companies operating in the IT sector. Consider implementing some of those strategies to get the most out of your potential customers.

1. Conduct webinar programs on your service

Webinar programs are a great way to educate potential customers and promote your services at the same time. Before starting a webinar program do complete research and find out the problems that your potential leads are facing. This research will give you an idea of building the right content for your webinar programs.

Conducting a live webinar is a great idea, but your reach will be limited to people who have attended the live session. Record the webinar and upload it on your website, this will help you to cut the cost as you don't have to go live on the webinar program frequently for the same topic. New leads can check the recorded webinar at any given point of the time.

These webinar programs can be on anything related to your technology like how to use software or advantages of using particular software, etc.

2. Optimize Landing pages

Is your landing page simple and comfortable to use by the visitors?

Having a user-friendly landing page plays a major role in generating leads to your business. Consider building a landing page by keeping in mind the average user. Showcase the services you are providing on your landing page as this will reduce the confusion on what next and where to go after entering into your landing page to your leads.

It is also important to create an interactive landing page. Put the design on the landing page for "request information", "Free trial" and many more. This will build trust between you and your customers and your future customers.

3. Build a good content

We all know the famous quote of Bill Gates " Content is King". It's true in every scenario. Having good content on your website will generate organic traffic, which means more potential customers. If your content is on the point then consider half of your work to capture the attention of your potential customer is done. Good content will always be a King, but on the contrary, poor content can be reason for downfall in your SEO game.

Do complete research before creating content. Be sure of your research and build a GOOD CONTENT which is worth being called a KING to help you with your IT lead generation.

4. Get Referrals from your customers

As an IT Company if you already have loyal customers, ask them for referrals. More than 60% of referral leads are converted into customers and more than 40% of these referral leads become your loyal customers.

Instead of waiting for your loyal customers to refer you, be proactive, and ask them to refer you to their contacts that are your potential leads. Create offers for your loyal customers if they provide a referral and that referral converts into your customer in the future.

Design "Refer a friend" form on your website. This will ease the process of lead generation and you can have a record on which customer had referred which lead.

And if you are a new player in the IT sector, then don't worry. We have you covered. Whether your company sells software or games or provides information security or anything related to the IT sector, we provide you the technology database that will for sure convert into your customer base. The data we provide you is refined by ANZSIC/ ISIC/ NACE/ NAICS/ US SIC 1987/ UK SIC 2007 or the US 8 digit SIC.

5. Conduct Email Survey

"What does an IT customer require?", "What is his/her problem?", and "What are the circumstances under which your customers are facing problems?"

Are you able to answer above mentioned questions on your customer problems? If not then you need to survey these questions. Try to have a complete understanding of your customer problem, and then think your customer problems are your problems and find a solution to it. By doing this you will put yourself in the boots of your potential customers. This will make your work more effective.

Once you are done with the survey, add this survey results on your website. This will build trust among your future leads as they see it as your understanding of their problem.

The best way to conduct these surveys is by Email. Email Survey is generally more accurate as you can create a personalized questionnaire to understand the problem of each potential lead. This will make your lead generation strategy more effective.

Once you find these leads then you need to nurture your leads. If you are unsure of lead nurturing then go through the mentioned blog to understand the entire process on Steps to Build Successful Lead Nurturing Campaigns.

If you are unsure of how to start your lead generation, we are here for your rescue. Contact us to help you with finding the Emailing list that will generate find your future customers. Our wide ranges of Email Data base of top Tech clients will help you kick start your Lead generation for your IT Company.

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