How Email Lists Are Helpful In Account-Based Marketing (ABM)?

  • By Ronald Thompson
  • May 11, 2022

Marketing is an ever-changing sector that requires creative thinking, especially in the B2B space. In any effective sales team, Several marketing strategies, such as concentrating on different clients, markets, products, and mediums, will be active simultaneously. One of these is account-based marketing, which refers to the practice of allocating considerable resources to certain, high-value accounts in order to appeal directly to their needs and prioritize those who are most likely to make a purchase. Account-Based Marketing is one of the popular B2B marketing concepts that supplement traditional, short-term marketing goals of lead generation with efforts aimed at driving long-term revenue. However, identifying your target accounts can be a daunting and time-consuming task. In this highly competitive world, you can not take the liberty of lagging behind. As a result, you must make use of a highly accurate Email List.


Briefing About What An Email List Is?

A Mailing list is a collection of contact information that businesses have gathered from various sources. The contacts in the list are highly engaging and interactive people that would like to receive information, updates, and other details about your business in a digital format that is sent to their email inbox. Moreover, the contacts in the lists are 100% opt-ins which ensures sales-ready leads. However, remember that it only applies to accurate and Verified Email Lists. Not all email lists are reliable and authentic. Therefore, it is crucial that you build your emails list in an ethical way or simply buy from a certified data provider.

How Can An Email List Be Helpful In Account-Based Marketing?

Email is no longer solely for promoting your company's products and services. It is about providing a personalized and relevant experience to your subscribers and customers, as well as developing accessible emails to reach out to everyone. The email address is a valuable asset that should be handled wisely. Email marketing is no longer about sending out mass emails; instead, it is about providing value to the subscriber. For this, you need to leverage Email Address Lists. Using a Mailing address list, you can eliminate all the email marketing problems and improve your ROI, such as:

  • Low Engagement Rate

  • Today, a low email engagement rate is a widespread issue. According to stats, the average email open rate across all industries is 22.71 percent. That suggests that only half of your email subscribers open them. So, you can only guess how many of these subscribers will respond to your email. However, This low engagement problem can be solved by implementing a List of Email Addresses in your ABM email marketing. The contact lists will help you in two ways –

    Relevancy – One of the benefits of owning a valid email address list is that you can understand the demands of your customers beforehand. For businesses, knowing what the customers want is a great way to increase their revenue. Using an email database will allow you to send only relevant information to your subscribers, resulting in higher engagement and customer retention.

    Segmentation - An Email List for Marketing offers you the benefit of segmenting your audience by demography, geography, psychography, level of engagement, and other common factors. Segmenting your audience should be a priority when conducting ABM email marketing since the interests of every buyer vary from person to person. Build a segmented list of contacts and increase engagement rate as well as lead generations.

    Reach out to the qualified Prospects

  • Insufficient Lead Generation

  • Email marketing has proven to be a key lead-generating strategy for 46% of marketers. However, generating leads via email remains a huge difficulty for them. In this scenario, a Contact database enables you to comprehend the behavior and buyer journey of your email subscribers. You'll know which subscribers are reading your emails and which aren't. You can then target your ready-to-convert consumers with a direct sales email. In contrast, you can send nurturing emails to inactive subscribers to entice them to join your sales funnel.

  • Retaining Email Subscribers

  • Getting email subscribers is no longer difficult. People will subscribe to your email if you organize a social media contest or offer an attractive offering. The actual issue is keeping your subscribers. According to one study, the average unsubscribe rate per email sent is 0.19 percent to 0.52 percent. That indicates that if you send 2,000 emails, 10 of your subscribers will unsubscribe after that. Herein comes the importance of a Verified Email List. A validated email list can assist you in personalizing your emails so that you only send one email to your subscribers and get the best results. In fact, sending tailored emails once a month increases open rates by 28%.

Reach corporate executives, administrators, supervisors, sales and marketing professionals, public relations professionals, technology professionals and compliance professionals in various service industries.

The Use Of Email Lists In Account-Based Marketing

ABM can help businesses boost income and enhance relationships with current clients, but there is one obstacle that prevents many organizations from ever getting started; that is, compiling a List of B2B Contacts. While ABM focuses on a specific list of customers pursued by marketing and sales teams, most businesses must still get in front of an increasingly wide buying committee. That implies you'll need a list of genuine people within your target accounts to initiate discussions with, particularly for your sales team.

This is where owning a Mailing Address List can benefit you because a targeted contact database may provide you with all of the information you need to approach any demographic. If you're launching a new product, releasing exciting statistics, or seeking to make it easier for consumers to participate in all activities, account-based marketing with an email address list is the way to go. Using a highly targeted email list, you can generate email leads, call new potential clients, and send letters to extremely valuable business-to-business (B2B) connections.

Let's look at some proven benefits of email lists that may elevate Account-based marketing to the next level.

  • Email Personalization

  • A segmented email addresses list lets you send personalized emails to people you've chosen explicitly from an Email Database. Sending personalized messages provides considerable benefits to an organization since it aids in the development of long-term relationships with clients and the nurturing of prospects. Your mailing lists have the capacity to convert your potential sales leads into actual sales leads.

  • Increase in sales leads

  • An exclusive mailing database can provide you with sales-ready prospects. By aggregating all of their critical information in one place, mailing lists provide businesses with new ways to engage with decision-makers. The segmented email list helps you connect with your ideal niche clientele, generate sales-ready leads, and increase revenue.

  • Better Conversion rates

  • The email addresses lists will provide you with the highest conversion rate, making account-based marketing one of the most popular marketing strategies today. Consumers appreciate getting targeted business emails; therefore, a Verified Contact List will dramatically enhance your company's CTR and CR.

  • Positive engagements

  • The email address database allows you to communicate with your prospects on a personal level, which helps you create a favorable image around them. You can talk about your offers and schemes in a personalized way that makes the subscribers feel special and cared for. With this positive approach, you build an image that promotes your brand's name.

Who Should Make Use of ABM?

ABM necessitates a laser-focused marketing approach as well as a thorough strategy that leaves no gaps. This high-contact, multi-touch marketing strategy necessitates proper time and resource allocation. As a result, not every firm can successfully deploy ABM. To guarantee you get it correctly, pose a few questions to your team. Some of the questions to examine are as follows:

  • Who are your typical customers?

  • If you have large accounts on your target list, ABM is the best way to reach them. ABM, on the other hand, may not be a smart solution if your concentration is on high volume, small accounts because it needs substantial labor and resources to attend to each account. That is why opting for a 1000 email address list could be an ideal start for your ABM campaign since a mailing list comes with 100% opt-in accounts.

  • How much consumer information do we have?

  • To successfully implement an ABM approach, you must have an extensive Email Database. ABM will be far more difficult to adopt if your target markets are too diverse or if you simply do not have adequate consumer data.

Wrap Up

ABM's primary principle is to approach each account as a distinct business sector, with specialized resources allocated to reach out to its multiple entities. For example, if you sell a CRM, your product will be purchased by three divisions: distribution, marketing, and IT. Each of these segments should be handled individually, with specific messaging and pitches. Messages that are enticing to sales representatives or marketers frequently fail to interest the C-suite. That is why it is vital to create department-based and persona-based target lists of contacts for outreach. Given this, you must ensure that the email list is free of duplicates. As a result, working with a trustworthy data provider allows you to establish a segmented Human-Verified Email List with no redundancies. So build a targeted email list today to run a successful account-based marketing.

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