Why 80% of Your Marketing Emails Are Never Read?

  • By Lisa Noel
  • Nov 22, 2021

Emails are currently at the core of a successful multichannel marketing campaign. Email Performance is responsible for marketing success and business growth. The ideal tool to engage and retain audiences is through email marketing techniques. Emails stay valid for a short duration, especially marketing emails. Over 306 Billion emails are exchanged on a daily basis. Even after being opened frequently, emails are still disregarded.


Few exciting facts on email marketing:

  • A total of 4 billion people use email on a daily basis
  • Customers receive 3-5 emails every week from 35% of marketers
  • The standard open rate for emails is 19.8%, the click-through rate is 11.3%, and the bounce rate is 9.4% across all industries
  • Over 22% of all email messages are opened within the first hour after being sent
  • Over 58% of clients check email first thing in the morning

Since email became widely used as a marketing channel, marketers have debated the feasibility of email campaigns. Email doesn't have the same incredibly high open rates that it once had. On the other hand, clients still check their email 20 times per day on average. That's why modern marketers can keep connecting the dots between their email efforts and quantifiable ROI.

Why are Marketing Emails going unread?

Email inboxes are overflowing. Prospects receive many more emails than they have time to read due to newsletter subscriptions, appointment reminders, delivery updates, shopping receipts, payment notifications, and marketing messages. The battle for a customer's attention in their email inbox is fierce, making it even more difficult for businesses to stand out. The prospect's relationship with their inbox has evolved as well. Potential audiences are feeling overwhelmed by their cluttered email inboxes. Reasons your marketing messages are ignored:

1. Clients inbox is cluttered with unread messages

In their inbox, 39% of clients have more than 100 unread emails, with 20% reporting they have more than 1,000. Surprisingly, the enormous volume does not evoke a favorable response from customers. Words like "cluttered" and "overwhelming" were frequently used when they were asked to characterize their email inboxes.

Reach out to the qualified Prospects

2. Marketing messages are difficult to reach most clients due to multiple email accounts

Clients create separate email addresses for personal and non-personal communications. About 77% have two or more emails, while 16% have four or more. With 62% of clients using emails dedicated to managing business accounts or solely to sign up for promotions. It isn't easy for businesses to deliver a successful marketing message with multiple email accounts.

3. Clients receive considerably more emails than they read

Every day, their inboxes are flooded with emails, the vast majority of which are never opened. 56% say they get between 25 and 100 emails per day, but nearly half say they get zero to five. Due to their busy schedules, clients tend to skim through the emails at the top of their inboxes.

4. Prospects tend to trust text messages over receiving marketing emails

Prospects don't entirely consider emails as dependable as they once were. Increased spam and automated messages have become a rather unpleasant outcome of digital marketing channels. Over 51% have stated that they trust text messages the most, while only 35% of clients trust emails.

5. Emails are no longer thrilling to clients.

The exhilarating feeling of receiving a new email message has surpassed us. Over 51% said they are less excited to receive emails these days than they used to be. They receive more emails than they can read or because more efficient communication platforms have gained popularity.


The Importance of Email Marketing

Email marketing has been applicable for a long time and for a good reason. Emails are a powerful digital marketing technique. It regularly outperforms all other marketing channels in terms of interacting with leads, nurturing them, and converting them into customers. Prospects become customers due to effective email marketing, and one-time purchases result in higher customer retention.

There are numerous reasons to prioritize email marketing, but here are the top three:

  • Email is the most widely used form of communication. Nearly all audiences check their emails on a daily basis. No other mode of communication can make that claim.
  • You own the entire list. Your social media account could be stopped or canceled at any time, for any reason. However, you own the email list you purchase or build. You can utilize the contacts from these lists to the fullest.
  • Email has a higher conversion rate. Boost your client loyalty and nurture resultant leads by directing your marketing messages with emails. People who purchase things advertised via email spend 138 percent more than those who do not receive such offers. Email marketing offers higher ROI. The conversion rate of emails is three times over social media.

Even with the rise in spam emails and marketing through social media platforms, the most effective approach is through emails. For experiencing a successful marketing campaign, with minimum hard bounces, marketing to opt-in contacts is the key. Consented contacts are reliable to avoid the risk of being marked as spam.

Loopholes to ensure your Marketing Emails are Effective

Stay prepared with a resultant strategy by following the latest trends and advancements for a successful marketing campaign.

1. Establish a prior connection Email is best used as a follow-up, so be sure you've made some connection with the person you're going to email first. It can be a face-to-face meeting, phone call, or social media contact, but it should always be verified before composing an email message. Regardless of how valid they are, unexpected emails have a slim probability of getting read.

Reach corporate executives, administrators, supervisors, sales and marketing professionals, public relations professionals, technology professionals and compliance professionals in various service industries.

2. Maintain subject relevance Being relevant entails more than simply appealing to someone's preferences. It's all about timing and not overdoing it. It's all about timing and not going overboard. When the prospect is interested in saving money on the goods, an email with a discount coupon is relevant to the requirements. If the same email is sent every day for months, the marketing message loses relevance and is ignored. Even if the content is beneficial, the email remains irrelevant.

3. Responsibly delivering marketing emails The goal of spending time and money on marketing is to prepare potential audiences to be ready to buy when we call them. It is risky to jeopardize the business relationship due to a badly written, inaccurately targeted marketing email. Irregularities range from inappropriate language use to a lack of professionalism. Instead, the people who compose a skillful email should be handed this responsibility.

4. Focus on the recipient and message It shouldn't be tough to promote effectively; it all boils down to treating your audience with respect. Prospects with decision-making authority will be more receptive to well-articulated communications. Many people will not stray from an overlong sentence, but they will notice if the message is too difficult to comprehend and that they will not grasp it.

Takeaways to improve your Marketing Emails

Email marketing continues to work successfully, generating significant ROI for businesses. It is beneficial to own your data and communicate with clients to measure the performance of your marketing strategies. Clients frequently tell us that they know the functioning of email marketing, but they're not sure how to use it to get growing business results. With these benchmarks, you can assess how your email approach stacks up against the competition and where a little extra time and effort will provide the best results. Email isn't as popular as it once was, but it's still a viable option for delivering the right message to the right inbox. Now is the moment to improve the way that message is delivered.

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