How to Find the Best Physicians for Your Email Marketing Campaign

  • By Nolan Delacruz
  • Dec ,02 2020

You might feel building an email list is going to be a better option than outsourcing one. But a lot of case studies, surveys, and statistics say no. Especially if you are a healthcare marketer, you might want to take the golden key and walk into that door. If you are a marketer that wants to connect with, physicians then you might want to use some competitive advantage. Businesses out there in the healthcare industry are all looking for physicians to market too.

Why do Physicians Have the Crucial Importance that they do?

Physicians embrace the business side, along with the healthcare side in medicine. Doctors control hospital care, or so said the New York Times piece on, 'shouldn't doctors control hospital care,' Physician leadership is usually the leadership followed in every healthcare setting with a physician present. Physicians lead a healthcare setting and are one of the highest influencers in the industry.

Every family has a family physician, and every hospital has a personal physician section. There is not one consumer end with a general physician that they prefer to go to rather than the emergency or out-patient care centers. Physicians are most times the business people’s ultimate in a hospital medical center or a medical school. Doctors are a comparatively wide range rather than physicians. It is easier when doctors are your audience or much easier to use different techniques to market when doctors are your recipients.

But physicians are lately transforming the healthcare industry. They are even providing care at home or any place that can be a comfort zone with telehealth. Let us break the ice here and speak the truth. There is going to be a shortage of physicians by 2025. But the best part about this is that these physicians can now be at two places at one time with telehealth consultations. The shortage also does not mean they are going to decrease in number. They are going to increase in number. Physicians are growing at 6% for a year, and that is above the average of any other profession.

But there is going to be a shortage in the effect of the grey wave and physicians. There will not be enough physicians to supply their demand in the market. With the baby boomers going to be more than 65 years old and lesser physicians, and the demand will be more than the supply. But innovations like telehealth and e-medicine are one way this can come to an end.

So, imagine the amount of decision-making power the physicians carry along with them. And with this comes the opportunity for businesses to connect with them. Companies can make profits just by fulfilling the demands of physicians in the long and short run. But what is the one way you can connect with these Physicians? Deriving from the numerous statistics and your move along the marketing funnel can be email.

Understanding the Role of Email in Digital Marketing:

  • Email offers an astounding and Unbeatable ROI
  • Email is a path for all your marketing together
  • Email can connect you with more businesses than social media
  • Emails have a longer lifespan than social media posts
  • Email is a way to send tailored messages to new and existing customers

The two ways you can find the top physicians of your niche would be building or outsourcing an email list and using that database in your email marketing campaigns.

But how outsourcing an email lists a better idea than building an email list?

Firstly, building an email list is not a bad idea, but it can be a bad one if you plan on saving time, energy, and resources. Secondly, outsourcing an email list is better, if you are looking to connect with physicians, then outsourcing a physicians email list. It gives you a list that is prepackaged, cheaper, and help you save time.

But what are the questions you can ask your database provider before buying from them?

A trustworthy email list provider is what every business is looking for, and that gets even more intense if you are looking for an email list provider who will give you a healthcare database, and the authentic ones.

But here are some questions that will get you to distinguish who can give you the best physician email list.

1. What is the cost structure of your email lists?

For this, you might get the base-line. If you are a small scale business or a start-up, you are probably holding back from buying an email list because it will cost you. Asking your email list provider the cost-structure might not leave you with the exact amounts but will leave you knowing if it is reasonable or your need to look elsewhere.

2. Do you comply with the email laws?

I know, this part of it might be a little boring. The technical side of a business is not that interesting, but it is equally essential. Like the U.S CAN-SPAM law compliance, your email list provider is complying with this law, which will not lead you to spam. Many such like this, that you might want to reconsider before the purchase.

3. Will you give me the demographic selects I need?

Never forget the customization of your email list. You don't want to be marketing every physician, and it must just be the targeted ones. Ask your provider if you can select your list with the job title, geography, salary, purchasing power, and much more. It can lead you to physicians who are going to respond and buy.

4. Can the email list be integrated with the Multi-channel marketing CRM software?

Integration is the ultimate benefit for every business to improve flexibility and efficiency. You need to find out if you can incorporate multi-channel marketing and CRM through your emails.

There are a lot of email providers out there, but it will be your job to find the one that suits your business the most.


The bottom line would be for you to find and connect with physicians through email, and everything else can go secondary. Physicians are the ones that find email to be personal, permanent, and more professional than any other channel. If you want to get the attention of physicians, you need to give this a shot.

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