Email Marketing Perks - when Doctors are your Targeted Recipients

  • By Lisa Noel
  • Nov 18, 2020

You may wonder why email marketing when there is so much on the table to support you in connecting to doctors. I can explain why. Whether you are a small, medium, or big healthcare business; you can make the most out of email. Email is one strategy that every single one of them can benefit from. But it has its perks when you want to connect with doctors.

Did you know that the average open rate of a Healthcare Email is 23.46%, and the click-through rate of that very healthcare email is 3.62%? It is known to be one of the highest open and click-through rates than any other industry.

So, let us say you already have the charm of being in the healthcare industry, and email is going to work for you. To begin with, you can either outsource your doctors email list or build one, and it can form your stepping stone. Here you can go through every little perk that email marketing can throw your way.

Make sure your Email Marketing Strategy Is Inclusive of the 2 Super Powers

1. Segmentation of Doctor Email Addresses

You probably have a 10,000 email addresses of your prospects, but it is necessary to segment them further, into smaller and more specified groups, trust me on this, it works. You can divide them based on particular characteristics, which will enable you to deliver targeted emails. For instance, you can segment your data based on location, experience, and send out information that is relevant to the particular group.

2. Take the Initiative of Integrating AI and Email

It might seem like a very new step to take, but it has been a couple of years already since this trend took place, and if you are not thinking about it yet, you are lagging behind. Artificial Intelligence can improve your email marketing, but the first thing you can do when you integrate AI and your email marketing strategy would be to initiate personalization and automation.

Doctors Engage with emails more than they do on any other platform. But why?

  • Email is the king of retention. The survival of your businesses depends on your ability to show your prospects that you are the right pick. And according to a recent survey, doctors in the United States check their inboxes at least once a day. So email can be a magnificent opportunity to show these doctors that you are the right pick, and you are at their beck and call.
  • Speak directly to doctors. Not saying other platforms aren't good enough, but email can be your way to the top. A social media strategy can also develop your healthcare marketing efforts, but there is always room for more success. Email is a great way to deliver your message right into the inbox of your niche, without mass educating or intermediaries.
  • Promotional Content is always most welcome on email. 7 out of 10 US doctors prefer to receive email communication from businesses over direct mail, push notifications, or SMS.

Now that we know how to start with email in the picture of marketing to doctors, the next step would be to make the most of what email has to offer. It is either go big or go home right, let us look at some actionable ways you can kick-start a newsletter with email marketing, to keep the doctors in your system.

Newsletter Ideas

Kick-start with an Automated Welcome message -

How good does it feel when someone welcomes you with joy? Irrespective if it is a home, a club, or a family. A warm welcome might not seem like a big deal now, but the impact it creates can be long lasting. So when you find your lead and they sign up for your list. You can immediately respond by welcoming them. It lets them know they are valued, and you are ready to meet their needs.

When you have an offer, show them you are concerned about them -

It is not just important to let your niche doctors to know about your new products and services. It is also essential to let them know when something can benefit them and you simultaneously. It is always better to promote your offers than wait for your leads to find out what your new offers are.

Pitch in all your good stories -

Whenever you have a customer who was happy with your products or services and was kind enough to let you know how content they were, then you can put those reviews and testimonies into your newsletters. It can tell them how to trust you in the industry. Or if you don't have any, it still won't be a problem. You can reach out to some of your old customers and ask to share a few testimonials or reviews, which can support your newsletter.

Don't Forget the Important Days –

Remember, doctors; are one of the busiest of all professionals in the industry, so make sure you sprinkle pixy dust on days that they would appreciate it. Maybe a year since they subscribed to your list or a birthday. Make sure your automation works in a way that reminds them what the two of you have is a long term relationship; it can help build your brand for the long run.

Make sure you give them the Trending News of the Healthcare Industry -

It is a common and compelling marketing practice across all fields to create content that shows people you are an expert in the industry. And the healthcare industry is no different. Write helpful articles and send them regularly. You cannot presume that doctors are busy professionals and might not like to read or even have the time. They have the requirement to keep up with everything new happening in the industry, and you have a way to give them that.

Coming to a Conclusion:

Email might seem like a traditional path. But it has turned out to be the best platform a healthcare marketer can withhold. Though the critical challenge comes when you have to identify the doctors you want to connect to.

There are chances you can outsource a healthcare mailing list instead of a doctor's email list or compile data of healthcare professionals who are not your prospects; it can lead to you connecting with someone from the healthcare industry who may not be your prospects. But when you have all the essentials set, it can be your time to enable effortless and direct interactions with future customers.

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