5 Tips On How To Increase Sales Of Your Small Business

  • By Michael Meyer
  • Jul 20, 2021

The goal of any small business is to increase sales and grow the company. However, even relatively successful businesses run into roadblocks in sales growth. Luckily, there are a number of tips one can use to boost sales and pinpoint exactly where pain-points may exist in their company’s business model. Check out our top tips for increase small business sales below!


5 Tips for Increasing Your Small Business Sales

These tips can be very helpful for increasing your small business sales, no matter what your unique niche or industry is.

Use a B2B Lead Generation Agency

Lead generation is extremely important when it comes to boosting sales. Your leads are the first point of contact in your sales funnel, meaning they have the potential to become lifelong, dedicated customers. However, generating leads can be tricky. It can also be tricky to properly qualify certain leads as valuable, or very likely to make a purchase. Just as well, nurturing valuable qualified leads requires an excellent strategy for success.


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A reputable B2B lead generation agency will be able to help your business generate more qualified leads via proven B2B sales strategies and apply a variety of marketing practices to nurture those leads. Some business owners may be concerned about how much in terms of resources will need to be funneled into hiring such an agency. However, the benefits greatly outweigh the cost when you consider long-term sales growth.

Always Request Feedback

What better way to understand your customers and leads than through simply asking them what they want? Asking for feedback on your brand’s products, services, or customer service can provide extremely valuable insight into how well your business is doing. Feedback can help you identify potential problems in your sales funnel as well as your customer service strategies.

Getting that feedback can be a little difficult, though. The key to getting a steady stream of feedback is to offer an incentive. Customers aren’t very interested in providing free information. However, if you offer them something - such as a coupon, free trial, or other valuable incentives - they will be more likely to give honest feedback. Make sure that you use a reputable CRM system to properly filter through the feedback you receive to ensure that customer comments are valuable and tangibly helpful to your business.

Arm Your Sales Team With the Ability to Push Through Objections

If you utilize cold calling techniques or any technique that involves direct solicitation, objections will always be the biggest roadblock. Consider some comments that prospects might make when communicating with your sales team:

  • Your product or service is too pricey.
  • I want more than what you’re offering.
  • Your product or service isn’t meeting my needs.
  • I’m not interested in change at the moment. (This is a big one for B2B prospects.)
  • I just can’t see the long-term value of your product or service.

Even with a team of top-notch sales representatives, objections can be difficult to push through. However, they should be seen as valuable opportunities. If a prospect is giving reasons for an objection, that means that they are at the very least interested in what you’re offering. This is an opportunity to offer a product or service proposal. When a prospect voices concerns about budget, a sales rep can compare the quality of the product to that of a cheaper, but less effective, competitor. If a prospect wants more from your brand, a sales rep can take the opportunity to present facts, statistics, and features of the product. Ensure that your sales team has the best base script to go off of and take note of regular or common objections to work with as your business grows.

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Take Advantage of the Internet

Your business might be in the type of industry that uses traditional sales methods to boost sales. While traditional methods have their own benefits, they are not very powerful on their own. You should always take advantage of the internet, digital marketing, and new technology to boost your sales endeavors. Channels like social media marketing and pay-per-click ads can add a lot to your sales potential.

Pay-per-click ads can invite potential leads to your website where they can explore your brand in-depth. Just make sure that you have created excellent, value-rich content with clear call-to-action statements to make the most out of paid ads and your search engine optimization efforts. Likewise, social media marketing may not directly lead to sales. However, this type of marketing can help you boost brand awareness, trust, and interest in potential leads. Down the road, your social media marketing efforts for small businesses will lead to more interest and thus more leads. Don’t settle for traditional marketing efforts alone!

Consider a High-Volume Sales Funnel

No matter what you’re selling, you must give your potential leads a reason to look at your website. From there, you can offer them additional benefits to ensure they keep coming back. This will help your potential customers get to know and eventually trust your small business.

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Essentially, your website is your sales funnel. While most website visitors won’t purchase anything during their initial visit to your website, they are looking for more information about your brand and what your product or service can do for them. These leads would be at the very top of your sales funnel. Be mindful of these leads as they move through your funnel and identify the ones that qualify for more “attention.” You can encourage them to move through your funnel by offering incentives. For example, if you are a small eCommerce platform, you can gain valuable contact information from leads by encouraging them to fill out a form with their email address and name to receive a free trial or coupon code. You can use that information to retarget these leads down the road.

By Michael Meyer
Michael Meyer is a member of the editorial team at Leads At Scale.

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