Email Marketing Isn't Dead; You're Just Doing It Wrong

  • By Michael Meyer
  • Nov 13, 2021

Even though email marketing has been around almost as long as email itself, it remains at the top of most digital marketing strategies. Despite its antiquity, the channel has evolved and is still a popular means to communicate with clients. Marketers have debated the viability of email marketing since it is widely used as a marketing channel. The truth is emails are not being abandoned; you are likely marketing it wrong.


Effective marketers can enhance their marketing strategies to connect from email marketing to measurable ROI. In fact, with the rise of smartphones, email has become more effective than ever. According to recent research, three out of every five people check their email daily. For about 87% of the B2B markets, email marketing is the top free organic distribution platform. As many emails are being sent, individuals open and respond to emails from brands they know and trust. If the prospects do not trust your brand or seem uninterested in your message, they will delete your email without hesitation.

Strategies to excel with Email Marketing

Smart email campaigns begin with the buyer in mind, like any successful marketing strategy. Your buyer in the consideration stage requires a different message than your prospect in the awareness stage. Optimizing your message at the proper stage of your buyer's journey improves critical KPIs (such as open and click-through rates) while also guaranteeing that your sales team receives qualified leads.

1. Quality over Quantity

Less is more; with email marketing, less is more. Some people are keen to buy email lists or encourage their clients to sign up for their emails to boast significant subscription figures. While having an extensive subscriber list is a terrific aim to strive for, it's pointless if your audience never opens, clicks, or buys your emails. Cleanse your email list of contacts that never open your emails on a regular basis. Consider limiting the number of emails you send to prospects who occasionally click through your marketing messages. Marketers can email them again to assess their engagement levels and bring them back after a short pause, as long as they don't deliberately unsubscribe from your marketing emails.

2. Revamp your Marketing Emails

Marketing messages need to be changed for each prospect based on their criteria to increase the conversion and profit rate. Marketers can segment audiences using even free email formats, so there's no excuse for sending mass emails rather than creating content based on customer requirements and intents. Instead, producing content to assist each target will improve overall prospect reaction to the marketing messages.

3. Make use of various email formats and lengths

Consider experimenting with different email formats in addition to sending different email messages to your target audiences to see what they respond to. Some businesses send emails in the same format week after week, which can become stale and boring for recipients. Instead, explore what your audiences enjoy by sending shorter emails, emails with graphics, and long-form emails. You might come across some engaging new formats that appeal to your target audience.

4. Select a service provider for email marketing

Working with an email marketing service provider is necessary if you're serious about email marketing. The only way for your company to use email marketing automation to distribute communications to significant groups of contacts efficiently is to partner with a data supplier. You also gain access to prospective contacts based on your specific business needs to help you maintain and build your email list.

5. Spend time for subject lines

One of the most crucial marketing elements through email is the subject line. Before they open your mail, your potential audience will notice the subject line. Prospects won't be able to resist opening if you make a favorable impression. If you write something uninteresting, they'll probably disregard your message. The subject line for your email should be brief.

6. Send your email messages at the right time

When it comes to sending out an email, time is critical. Every audience is unique; therefore, the optimal sending time will vary depending on who is on your email list. You can also create and stick to a consistent sending schedule.

7. Keep track of your progress

Email marketing doesn't end after the message is sent. You should keep track of your click-through rate, open rate, and unsubscribe rate, among other metrics, and strive to improve the emails over time. If you want to see actual results from your email marketing, learn about your clients and their needs to understand how each email message performs. Spending a few minutes looking over your email statistics can provide valuable information, such as who clicked on specific links, who opened your email, and what content your readers found most intriguing. While knowing how engaging your campaign messages are is vital, make sure you're also tracking actions outside of your emails.


Why is Marketing with Emails imperative?

Email marketing is unmatched in importance compared to other digital marketing tactics. You can use email marketing to gain and retain leads, lower hard email bounce rates, and increase client loyalty depending on your business-specific goals. Email marketing is used by 82% of businesses, and they invest in it because it yields tangible benefits. Email is a revenue-generating channel that may be used for everything from online sales to in-store visits to quote inquiries.

  • It's one of the most cost-effective digital marketing tactics available, with one of the highest returns on investment
  • Email allows you to integrate your marketing platforms for a seamless buyer's journey
  • With leads, new clients, and returning audiences, you can build tailored and personalized experiences that increase engagement and brand exposure
  • Email is a great way to gather vital consumer information for more personalized and engaging client interactions
  • Boost your email marketing approach by utilizing the power of automation.

Email Marketing Trends to Follow

Stay prepared with a resultant strategy by following the latest trends and advancements for a successful marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Personalization The lack of personalization due to automation is one problem that might arise in email marketing. Using artificial intelligence to create tailored emails that modify the marketing messages to your clients is a significant trend to keep an eye on. Some shoppers may tend to abandon their shopping carts before making a purchase. In this situation, your personalized email would emphasize this, along with a helpful reminder and CTAs. Remember to mention the customer's name and consider including a personalized note in your personalization efforts.

Reach out to the qualified Prospects

Using AI to Improve Email Marketing Incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into your approach can significantly improve the efficiency of your email marketing operations. When evaluating client patterns and open rates, AI can help with various activities, including enhancing survey results and predicting outcomes with data analytics. At any given time, vast amounts of prospect data can be processed with AI tools. Email marketing can also benefit from AI. Consider utilizing it to speed up your campaign and complete the tasks that consume most of your time.

Increasing Interactivity Interactive marketing boosts engagement and develops increasingly popular as technology advances. It is easy to incorporate interactive marketing into your email campaigns. Interactive marketing can help you create an excellent experience for your potential audience by engaging them.

Emails That are Privacy-Compliant Prospects are more aware of their privacy and how their data is utilized. To gain their trust and loyalty, you must go above and beyond ensuring PCI and GDPR compliance. To ensure you're achieving their expectations, put privacy at the center of all your email promotions. This necessitates a continuous assessment of data privacy legislation and maintaining consumer transparency. Use your emails to alert customers to any forthcoming data privacy changes and demonstrate how you safeguard their data. This also shines a positive light on your business ethics.

In Conclusion

This article indicates that email marketing is alive and well, which is more crucial than ever in your marketing mix. Email marketing allows you to contact more focused prospects than any other marketing medium. That could explain why email has such a great ROI. As a marketer, you have various options for reaching out to your target audience, but you must prioritize your efforts due to time and resources constraints.

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