The best B2B data providers for your sales team

  • By Lisa Noel
  • Oct 05, 2021

Top data providers enhance your sales and marketing insights with a high-quality company database. A list inclusive of efficient and effective contacts generates the best B2B database.


Benefits of using B2B sales leads database

Data is the source for every marketing query. Collecting contacts from data intelligence integrated marketing leads benefits to your sales team. Mailing Lists are cost-effective and help you directly connect with target audience. You can send targeted emails and educate prospects and clients about your service or products. Building, maintaining and growing a mailing list for your business is very cost effective and give immediate return on investment (ROI).

What is the most trusted place to buy email lists, and what's the right way to do that?

Every business wants to find potential prospects or buyers looking to buy their product or services. It is very hard to find qualified buyers' details and generating these kinds of sales leads are very hard for any businesses. So one of the easiest and effective methods of generating qualified sales leads is over email marketing with the help of a verified B2B email list. Genuinely sourced, Up-to-date verified email lists help marketers to reach prospects inbox with effective marketing messages tailored to generate an interest. Most of the mailing list vendors compile their email list from Public Records, Official Government Business Registries,Newsletter & Survey Subscribers, Yellow pages, Events and TradeshowExhibitors etc and verify the same before they add these details in their master data.In this article we will discuss the best place to buy email lists and the top mailing list vendors who provide most accurate and verified email lists for marketing.

As per the Statista Research Department, the United States spends 3.05Billion on digital lead generation ads. A pre-compiled list of decision-makers can reduce extravagant expenses on generating sales leads.A consensual database is a derivative of the in-house database method.Custom-built data is collected through a direct approach from places of business communications. A data list with the prospects' consent creates a reliable data source called an opt-in contact list

AverickMedia offers reliable contact lists that are collated after receiving consent from the individual.

Know the categories for your email lists

— Paid B2B database

A paid mailing list is acquired by buying prospect contact details from external data vendors. This type of mailing list is time efficient and a cost-effective comparative approach.

— In-house database

It is a constructive database directory. Personal campaigns, sign-up forms, and commercials are used to collect prospect information. In comparison, creating your lists requires a more considerable investment of time and resources.

— Consensual Database

A consensual database is a derivative of the in-house database method. Custom-built data is collected through a direct approach from places of business communications. A data list with the prospects' consent creates a reliable data source called an opt-in contact list.

Top 10 best mailing list companies for Small Business

Purchasing email list of key decision makers and custom build lists as per your target criteria contacts lists are easily attainable from data vendors, but the real question is who would offer the best mailing list. Marketers always get confused with below questions before they make a mailing list purchase.

1) Where to Buy an Email List?
2) What is the most trusted place to buy email lists?
3) Where do you buy email contact lists?
4) Can I obtain a free email list anywhere?
5) Where can I get Europe companies email database?
6) Where can I find targeted B2B companies’ email lists?
7) Is there a way to find the email lists in a niche?
8) Where can I get free Email database for U.S?
9) What is the best website to sell email lists?
10)Should I buy an email list?

We have devised a list of the top data suppliers based on the following features

  • Email List customization and volume of verified email contact data details
  • Data sources
  • Cost and Email list response rate
  • Mailing list compilation method and Privacy compliant
  • Fraud & Risk Compliance

1. AverickMedia

AverickMedia is a customer-oriented B2B data provider in the USA. Data protection tools are adapted to provide sales intelligence solutions with qualified leads. AverickMedia can build a list of hard to find contacts from niche industries with custom list build service which can be filtered based on many parameters like Job Roles, Business Type, SIC & NAICS Codes, Firmographics, Credit Rating, Sales Volume, Year Business Started etc with email verification process prior to the delivery of mailing list. This reduce the risk of bounce emails in actual email marketing and they follow a strict opt in process to acquire the business email before they add contacts in their mailing list.

The ability to order a custom list based on your target audience is a unique service AverickMedia provide to help marketers to restrict their email campaign reach only to their precise target audience. This mailing list solution is a perfect fit as per list buyers budget or business email marketing target audience or geographic requirement.

2. AeroLeads

AeroLeads is a business approach for betterment towards the content quality and productivity for enriched customer experience. They provide an online platform where the user can pay a subscription fee and select the contact list or direct mail list they would like to purchase. Their lead mining tool help marketers to find details from Google, Yahoo pages, Yellow pages, Twitter, Craig list etc.

A detailed list of contacts is crafted to provide authentic and impactful business leads and potential clients.

3. Lead411

Lead411 is focused on B2B sales lead generation to attain a more comprehensive brand reach. Lead411 sales intelligence and contact database with sales triggers help you to find the accurate decision maker data to succeed in marketing by reaching the right prospects and do email marketing or telemarketing.

Dedicated lead data verification software is incorporated with personal supervision and authentication technology. You can search your ideal customer profile using the platform with a fee.

4. Data Axle

Data Axle focuses on digitally transforming your marketing campaigns and sales leads to engage with prospect customers directly. You can find clean data, accurate sales leads to manage your marketing and prospecting. Data Axle help companies to find prospects, acquire customers, drive real time business intelligence and build better data quality.

Advanced technology data mining tools are incorporated to provide refined data which are up-to-date and verified with reliable customer services.

5. Databeyz

Databeyz is designed to provide a continuous flow of marketing and sales to fill the leads funnel efficiently. They provide the best-in-business data and decision makers email list along with marketing platform service. If you are looking to find accurate B2B contact details of executives Databeyz can be a help.

Precision and the volume of quality data are focused at Databeyz to reduce in accurate B2B email prospecting and maximize business prospects.

6. InfoGlobalData

InfoGlobalData has sold 1M+ potential B2B verified contacts each month. It is a privately held business functioning globally to serve potential customers to achieve maximum ROI from email marketing with precise, verified mailing list from any industries. InfoGlobalData help healthcare companies to reach over 4 million healthcare professionals with their targeted, up-to-date mailing list from healthcare related industries. They also offer custom data licensing for companies to reduce their marketing budget and helps in B2B marketing data capabilities.

InfoGlobalData’s B2B data driven marketing strategic solutions are crafted and executed to provide rich B2B mailing list solutions for your global data marketing requirements.

7. InsideView

You can achieve data-driven marketing with an accurate real-time mailing list from InsideView. They provide an online platform access on a monthly subscription basis to search and download key decision makers contact details which can be easily imported to your CRMs like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho etc. Insideview platform provide Job titles, firmographics, verified email address of decision makers, sales revenue, employees, and other data intelligence fields to execute a successful marketing campaign.

They are a nationwide B2B data supplier sourcing numerous company and contact data based on customer specific custom requirement for marketing and sales lead generation campaigns to acheive maximum ROI.

8. ZoomInfo

Data coverage with generalized and specified data is offered with any business needs. Zoominfo processes 100M+ contact directories each day, ensuring data hygiene with new and reliable information. Zoominfo mailing list details are classified based on industry, geolocation and other details. Boost your business by using this email marketing database.

9. Cloudlead

Cloudlead is a US-based B2B database company aiming to enrich sales and marketing outcomes. They provide intent contact details to accelerate revenue growth. Being a leading B2B contact and account data provider they provide B2B contact data with details to empower sales and marketing professionals to boost their sales lead generation campaigns. They are on demand Sales Research Company based in US and provide verified B2B sales intelligence, Data enrichment services and human verified sales leads to their customers and partners.

10. UpLead

UpLead offers guaranteed data accuracy with transparent customer interactions ensuring reliable services. Uplifting B2B marketing with about 5M+ database contacts from advanced lead generation tools. UpLead is a B2B lead generation software that provides instant access to millions of verified data. With built-in email verification you can access Highest Quality Data and uncover contacts and companies that match your buyer profile.


Quality firmographic data from the best data vendor

Purchasing B2B email data is a vital task, especially when the focus is on the beneficiary aspects of your sales team. Data-driven marketing is an enriched and refined approach to amplify sales and profit enlargement.

Dedicated data scientists and data researchers are employed at AverickMedia to build target segmented contacts for cost-effective lists. At AverickMedia, we ensure to verify the list often to avoid stale contacts guaranteeing 85% email deliverability. We also understand your marketing goals and help you customize and target niche criteria to prospect better.

You can always contact us to know more about our services. Please write to us at or call us on +1-281-407-7651

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