Inbound Marketing Ideas for Generating B2B Leads

  • By Lisa Noel
  • Dec ,07 2020
Inbound Marketing comes into the picture to draw buyers into buying rather than capturing their attention to sell their products or services. Inbound marketing is the one marketing strategy that allows building healthy relationships with customers.

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Inbound marketing is the business methodology designed to draw a large number of visitors and potential buyers in, rather than externally pushing a brand, service, or product onto them. It is one of the ways a seller reduces seller burden and grows sales for the future.

If you are a B2B Marketer, there is one thing you are looking for; generating leads. Lead generation has become the most primary concern of every business lately. It has to be the lifeblood that runs a business leads. As a business, you are driven to expand your leads.

But why inbound marketing you may wonder? Well, when your business needs lead, it, in turn, needs a great reputation and visibility in the market, and not just by anyone but by the target audience. Inbound marketing without fail directs you to better lead generation.

Inbound Marketing brings along the value of long-term sales management. Having short-term leads and profits you temporarily, but having leads for the long-term business process can be your business's soul partner. Many businesses fail to understand the importance of long-term leads and long-term lead management in their business.

"Half of your marketing money is wasted. The trouble is you don't know which half,"
- William Lever

Do you know why 50% of your marketing money is getting wasted? It is because 50% of your audiences are not converted to leads. So you were just wasting money on untargeted marketing approaches and an audience that is not going to be buying your products or services, let alone be now or in the future.

You are probably already part of the lead nurturing campaigns to make things happen for the long run with your leads. But on an insider tip, inbound marketing must be inclusive too.

Grab Some Ideas on How to Implement Inbound Marketing Into your Marketing Plans:

1. Inbound Email Marketing -

You are probably already into email marketing, but what you may think is inbound might not be helpful. Here is how an outbound marketing email can be different from an inbound marketing email. Now not saying you must follow the inbound marketing way for all your campaigns. Some of your campaigns do need the traditional outbound emails, as they would work better.

Contact Lists: While you are email marketing in an outbound version, you may utilize contacts you receive from conferences, sponsorships, and much more. But when it comes to inbound marketing, you must keep in mind that you need opt-in lists or consent-based lists. As mentioned above, inbound marketing does not involve the process of pushing your product or service to customers who is not expecting you.

If you are outsourcing a business email list, make sure it is an opt-in list and if you are building one, make sure you have a team with the expertise to build one such list.

What can be achieved through an opt-in list?

  • Sending relevant blogs
  • Offering content with a value that can be downloaded
  • Creating a regular blog through emails, such as newsletters and more

Specify and Target Content: It is still very common that B2B companies send out email blasts for the masses that are not their niche masses. But when it comes to inbound email, the emails are particular only meant for a specific audience, who are going to enjoy it. It would not be pushing a product or service onto their inbox but giving them what they need.

And with these adopted, you can check your lead generation metrics of the campaign to see if they worked.

2. Utilize Facebook Page Insights -

Do you think your Facebook page has a few hundred fans? You can already see how your market looks, because demographics, business size, and much more are not enough information. So go to your Insights section on Facebook, and click on people, from where you can find out who your fans are and what they need.

3. Include other forms of media in your content -

You have probably heard the phrase, "content is king," but maybe 2020 has changed that a little. Humans are now drawn to different kinds of media, with all the development and changes lately. So make sure you include charts, images, graphs, videos, and much more. It can be on social media, email, or any other platform.

4. Create your Own Research Reports through Surveys

Ask questions about where your answer is meant

Do you clearly know the trends that are affecting your industry or what your customers are going through in the current scenarios? Or do you think you know it? You would not really know unless you ask. And that is a given. A great way to find that is by creating your own survey report. Put together your story based on various feedbacks through surveys that you send out.

The Bottom Line:

Outbound marketing alone won't help your business. It needs a tinge of inbound marketing to gather leads for the long run. You can utilize these ideas to align the best leads on your list for a long time. B2B leads are one the hardest to generate, especially for the long run in your business, but with the right inbound strategies, you can make it.

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