10 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Mailing List

  • By Ronald Thompson
  • Oct 11, 2021

If you are confused with building or buying an email list, this blog is for you!


Globally there are 3.8 billion email users. With email marketing, you can reach prospects worldwide hassle-free. To own a quality database, factors like sources, data collection process, security, verification, and many such come into critical play.

A dedicated database creates a fast and explicit interaction with quick advertisements directed towards potential leads.

What to expect from a purchased email list?

  • Immediate increase in response rate and sales leads
  • Reach larget audience quickly and cost effectively
  • Save time and track your email marketing results in real time
  • Higher ROI by targeing industry-related contacts
  • Guaranteed email marketing results

Ways to obtain a mailing database

You can choose between building your email list or buying a processed target from a reliable vendor to improve your b2b sales strategy.

You can build your email list by sourcing the data from online platforms or manually collecting data available on forms and questionnaires. However, compiling the data might be tedious and not yield the results as the database is unresponsive or unreliable.

When buying an email list, you might have to shell out a few bucks. However, it yields the best profits as the database is sourced from credible and reliable sources and saves up so much of your marketing time and efforts!

A one-time investment into buying an email list might look like this —

  • Time and cost-efficient - Reach new prospects with your marketing message
  • Get verified leads - Accurate details of your target prospects
  • Higher response rate - Immediate sales lead flow
  • Adheres to data privacy policies - CAN SPAM, GDPR
  • Get opt-in details - Permission based email lists
  • Can be customized - Customize based on job title, sales revenue, credit rating, location size
  • High ROI - You can expect guaranteed results

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Ten vital questions to cross off before you decide to buy an email list

Before purchasing mailing lists, it is critical to find the correct data supplier. We stumble upon abundant vendors offering email lists, but only if you buy a mailing list from an reputable list vendor you will get the verified data and can expect maximum ROI for your marketing campaigns.

Let’s dive right into what we must ask ourselves before buying a mailing list.

1. How often is the data updated?

Invest in mailing lists with the best accuracy rate. If the contact information is verified timely, you can trust the email lists.

The email deliverability ratio can be used to assess the reply rate. Potential decision-makers are consistently changed, which requires the email lists to be updated simultaneously.

2. What are the data list sources?

Purchase mailing lists from reputable data professionals who acquire contact details from reliable online and offline sources.

Data providers will not reveal their entire source list, but you can request an overview of the sources adapted to offer you the database.

3. Does the mailing list consist of 100% opt-in contacts?

An opt-in mailing list indicates that the people on your email list have agreed to be contacted to market a particular product or service.

Consent from the prospect is crucial since it increases the likelihood of direct advertising abiding with the compliance guidelines.


4. How detailed are the segmented lists?

When you're looking for a mailing list for your business, you'll want to be sure it meets specific criteria that justify your investment. Ensure you receive a highly targeted and segmented email list.

5. Purchased mailing list is owned or rented?

When you attain your database, you gain complete control over marketing to different prospects based on your business needs.

A rented list is a one-time attempt that requires multiple investments, which is not a reliable option.

6. Is a sample mailing list available?

Check for a sample email list from your data provider before trusting them for an email list. You gain a preview of what form of contact information can be expected.

7. Is the email database compliant with data privacy policies?

You do not want to pay a lump sum for violation of data privacy policies. Hence, it is necessary to know if your database service provider complies with the data privacy laws lilke GDPR, CCPA, CASL, Privacy Shield and has protected data.

8. Is the mailing list company reliable?

You can never go wrong with client feedbacks by reviewing the quality and quantity of any mailing list. Always check total reviews to ensure your investment towards good marketing campaigns.


9. How much is your response rate?

Bulk email lists can be easily bought, but beneficial outcomes are possible only through a consistent response rate.

Response rate cannot be guaranteed as it depends on many external factors. Therefore, multiple data providers must verify to avail the highest one.

10. What are the verifications performed?

Verification processes are vital to ensure data authenticity and reliability, offering zero contact duplication.

Validating data lists through technically advanced tools enhances the credibility of your target audience.

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If you want answers for specific questions like below please contact our sales executives over email or phone.

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Grow your business with reliable data vendors

Purchasing mailing lists should be approached with caution. It is impossible to get 100% accuracy with a prospect email list because change is constant.

Data providers need to be verified to acquire accurate, valuable, high-quality data. Take your marketing an extra mile by connecting with AverickMedia.

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