Transform Your Contractor Marketing with These Simple Yet Effective Tips

Have you ever wondered why some contractors seem to effortlessly secure a steady stream of clients while others struggle to find their next project? In the construction industry, success isn't solely about craftsmanship; it's also about mastering the art of contractor marketing. Imagine a world where your phone rings with eager clients seeking your expertise, where your reputation precedes you, and where your competitors envy your client list. This world is not a fantasy—it's a reality for those who embrace innovative marketing strategies.


In this blog, we unveil the secrets that have yet to flood the internet, revealing how you can transform your contractor marketing game from ordinary to extraordinary. Say goodbye to the tried and familiar, and join us as we explore uncharted territory where your contracting business can truly thrive. Let's dive in.

Why Do Your Contractor Marketing Tactics Need A Revamp?

Business owners often assume that marketing involves merely promoting products and services to anyone they encounter. However, this old-fashioned megaphone-style marketing approach is now outdated and not very effective.

Today, marketing places your customers at the core of your strategy. Instead of simply marketing your products and services, concentrate on demonstrating how your product can address your clients' problems and improve their lives. Marketing should be seen as an investment – channel your marketing efforts into showcasing how your products can enrich your clients' lives.

The Usurp Of Digital Marketing: 12 Fresh Contractor Marketing Strategies

In 2023, contractors faced a crowded digital marketing landscape full of new choices and chances. Email marketing used to be dependable, but marketing has changed with the introduction of new strategies like website chat and voice optimization. The shift wasn't just about using technology. It was also about meeting customers' changing behaviors and preferences.

Indeed, the modern customer has undergone a transformation. No longer content with a one-size-fits-all approach, today's consumers are discerning and research-oriented. Around 40% of people choose just one local contractor, while another 40% rely on online directories for research


When people look for a nearby contractor, they usually care about practical things. For example, 56% want to know about the price. Here's something interesting: 70% of Americans would spend more at a company with great service. Ultimately, the majority values service quality more than pricing when making decisions. This shift in consumer behavior necessitates a reevaluation of marketing strategies. It's no longer sufficient to rely solely on traditional methods. Contractors today must use digital marketing to connect with customers on popular platforms. Their focus should be on providing excellent products, services, and overall experiences.

Our top marketing ideas for contractors Include the following:

1. Get Listed On Google Maps And Foster Customer Reviews

It's a big change to set up your contracting business on Google Maps and ask customers for reviews. Here’s what is interesting. Did you know that 46% of all Google searches have local intent? By being on Google Maps, you tap into this vast pool of potential customers, where 91% of consumers admitted to reading online reviews. Furthermore, an astonishing 84% trust these reviews as much as personal recommendations.


Source: WordStream

So, not only does it enhance your online visibility, but it also fosters trust through authentic feedback, giving you a significant edge in the competitive landscape. In today's mobile-driven world, where people are searching on the go, being on Google Maps ensures you're readily discoverable.

Listing your contracting business on Google Maps is not only a strategy, but also a data-backed winning move. It can propel your business to new heights of success by showcasing your services and attracting potential customers.

2. Create A Contractor Website With Latest Work Videos And Customer Testimonials

Did you know that websites with customer testimonials can see a conversion increase of up to 34%? Incorporating the latest work videos not only visually demonstrates your capabilities but also aligns with the fact that 73% of customers are more likelier to make a purchase after watching a video about a product or service.


In addition to customer testimonials and work videos, another effective way to boost conversion rates is through the use of compelling call-to-action (CTA) buttons. A good CTA button can make people want to act quickly and do what you want, like buying something, joining a newsletter, or getting a free thing. Studies have shown that websites with clear and eye-catching CTAs can experience a conversion rate increase of up to 121%. You can improve your chances of converting visitors into customers by strategically placing CTAs on your website.

By integrating these elements, you're not only setting yourself apart in the competitive contractor market but also boosting your chances of attracting and converting new clients significantly.

3. Promote Online Booking Or Free Consultation

Promoting both online booking and free consultations can be a winning strategy to cater to diverse customer preferences. Online booking offers convenience and efficiency for clients who prefer immediate scheduling, while free consultations provide a personalized touch and the opportunity to discuss specific project details. Furthermore, offering both can also help in building trust and credibility with potential clients.


For example, providing the option for a free consultation, businesses can demonstrate their expertise and knowledge in their field, giving potential customers the reassurance they need before committing to a project. This personalized approach allows clients to ask questions, share their concerns, and gain a better understanding of the services being offered, ultimately leading to a more informed decision-making process.

Additionally, by offering online booking, businesses can cater to the needs of busy individuals who prefer the convenience of scheduling appointments at their own convenience, without the need for direct interaction. This flexibility can be particularly beneficial for clients with busy schedules or those who prefer a more efficient and streamlined booking process.

In essence, businesses can cater to a wide range of customer preferences, ensuring a positive and seamless experience for all clients.

4. A Blog Page With Latest Updates

Having a dedicated blog page on your contractor website is an excellent way to engage with your audience and showcase your expertise. Your blog can serve as a dynamic platform to share a variety of content, including updates on current projects, insights about your latest tools and equipment, introductions to your co-workers, and discussions about the latest trends in the contractor field.


But keep your blog up-to-date with the industry trends. Regularly updating your blog not only keeps your website fresh but also positions you as an industry authority and a trusted source of information for your clients and prospects. In addition to engaging with your audience and showcasing your expertise, a dedicated blog page on your contractor website can also help improve your search engine rankings. Take, for example, if you're an HVAC contractor, you can create blog posts that focus on topics such as maintenance tips, energy efficiency, technology trends, customer testimonials, the latest tools, etc. This can help you attract more organic traffic to your website and increase your online visibility than any other strategy.

So, create content that resonates with your audience. Search engines like Google value fresh and relevant content, and having a regularly updated blog can sign to search algorithms that your website is active and authoritative. This can ultimately lead to higher rankings in search results, making it easier for potential clients and prospects to find you when they are searching for contractor services in your area.

5. Showcase Your Work In Social Media

Nothing is more powerful than social media in 2023! According to Smart Insights, social media usage has continued to skyrocket in recent years, with billions of active users across various platforms. The influence and reach of social media platforms have revolutionized the way information is shared, news is consumed, and businesses interact with their customers.


In terms of marketing your contractor business, the immense potential of social media cannot be overstated. With a well-crafted social media strategy, you can tap into a vast and engaged audience, showcase your projects, connect with potential clients, and build a strong online presence. For instance, as a plumbing contractor, you can showcase innovative water work techniques in newly constructed homes, providing your audience with a firsthand look at your expertise and creativity.

In terms of marketing your contractor business, the immense potential of social media cannot be overstated. With a well-crafted social media strategy, you can tap into a vast and engaged audience, showcase your projects, connect with potential clients, and build a strong online presence. For instance, as a plumbing contractor, you can showcase innovative water work techniques in newly constructed homes, providing your audience with a firsthand look at your expertise and creativity.

6. Create A Youtube Channel To Showcase Your Work And Expertise

Creating a YouTube channel for your contracting business is a smart way to grow your online presence. It lets you connect with your audience visually. YouTube is a top platform for businesses to share videos of their products and services. This can be especially beneficial for potential clients who may want to see examples of your work before making a decision. Additionally, YouTube allows for interactive engagement with your audience through comments and likes, providing valuable feedback and the opportunity to build a community around your brand.


You can also collaborate with other industry-related Youtubers to boost your channel. This can help you to tap into their established viewership and potentially gain new subscribers. Collaborations can take various forms, including guest appearances on each other's channels, joint projects, or even cross-promotion through shoutouts and video collaborations. These partnerships not only expose your content to a wider audience but also offer opportunities for knowledge exchange and creative inspiration. However, it is important to carefully select collaborators who align with your brand and has similar interest.

7. Turn Your Clients Into Your Brand Advocate

Empowering your clients to become enthusiastic advocates of your brand is a strategic move that can significantly impact your business's success. When satisfied clients become vocal supporters, they not only enhance your reputation through word-of-mouth recommendations but also serve as trusted ambassadors in the digital realm.


One effective way to empower your clients and encourage their advocacy is by providing exceptional customer service. When clients feel valued and supported throughout their interactions with your brand, they are more likely to become enthusiastic advocates. This involves going above and beyond in addressing their needs, promptly responding to inquiries, and resolving any issues or concerns promptly. By consistently delivering exceptional customer service, you can create a positive experience that clients will be eager to share with others, both offline and online.

8. Attend Contractor Trade Shows And Conferences

Attending contractor trade shows and conferences is like a booster for your contracting business. Think of contractor trade shows and conferences as supercharged opportunities for your contracting business. They're like a shortcut to success.


Source: Procore

At these events, you get to learn about the newest trends in your industry, meet fellow contractors, and show off your skills to potential clients. It's like building a reputation and making new friends at the same time. Plus, you might even discover new tricks of the trade to stay ahead in the contracting world. Not to mention, 70% of businesses have already generated new leads and increased brand awareness through trade shows.

9. Local PPC Advertising For Contractor

If you're on the hunt for fresh, high-value leads, utilize pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. PPC is a standout contractor advertising strategy as it connects you with users primed for conversion and lead generation.

In fact, here's the kicker: users who click on ads are a whopping 50% more likely to convert compared to organic users. To dive into the world of PPC, the first step is keyword selection. Similar to SEO, honing in on long-tail keywords is key. Not only do they attract quality traffic, but they also keep your cost-per-click (CPC) in check. Once your keywords are in place, it's time to bid for ad placement. You'll establish your maximum bid (CPC), specifying the amount you're willing to shell out every time someone clicks on your ad. Your maximum bid, alongside your quality score, determines where your ad appears.


Source: Portent

Here's the insider tip: prioritize a high-quality score over a sky-high maximum bid. Google values relevance in search results, so you can't just buy your way to the top.

Once your ad is all set, you're primed to reap the rewards of this contractor advertising gem. Simply launch your campaign, and watch those construction leads roll in. When it comes to contractor marketing ideas, PPC stands tall as a powerhouse, connecting you with valuable leads who are genuinely interested in your business.

10. Enhance Your Digital Visibility Through Yelp Advertising

Positive reviews on Yelp are undoubtedly beneficial for your business. If you want to expand your client base in construction, try advertising on Yelp. Almost all people who visit Yelp end up buying something, usually within a day. Yelp's marketing services help people find your construction business in search results. This can help you attract new clients and make higher profits.


Source: Sagapixel

Yelp offers advertising options like Facebook and LinkedIn. The options are tailored and cost-per-click (CPC). You can customize your ads to reach specific groups and only pay when people click. Additionally, you can choose your own daily budget to make sure you don't spend too much on ads.

11. Manage Reviews For Your Construction Business

Effective review management plays a pivotal role in achieving online success. Today, many customers use reviews to see what others think of a business. To gain the trust of new customers, it's important to handle these reviews. Your business will always receive different reviews, some positive and some negative. The presence of negative reviews isn't detrimental, as consumers expect encountering such feedback. What matters is how you navigate and address these negative reviews.


When reviews are posted, it's beneficial to engage with them. Express gratitude for positive feedback to reinforce a positive customer experience. Equally important is the proactive handling of negative reviews. When you address the concerns of unhappy customers, it shows that you care about providing good service and making customers happy.

12. Track Website Traffic Sources

For a successful digital marketing plan, you need to know where your website traffic comes from. You can use Google Analytics to find important sources of traffic in your area. To get better results with your digital marketing, focus on improving visibility in important sources. One source to consider is organic search, which brings valuable traffic.

Organic search is when people find your website through search engine results. This can include visitors who found your website by searching for specific keywords or phrases relevant to your business. You can increase your website's search traffic by improving its content and structure. If you do keyword research and use SEO strategies, your website will be more visible in search results and attract more relevant traffic.


Here are some compelling reasons why a marketing overhaul is not just a good idea but a necessity:

Changing Consumer Behavior: As technology evolves, so do consumer habits. According to Statista, the number of smartphone users worldwide is projected to reach 6.92 billion in 2023, which translates to 85.88% of the world's population owning a smartphone. This shift towards mobile browsing has reshaped how people discover and engage with businesses. If your marketing tactics aren't optimized for mobile users, you risk losing a substantial portion of your potential audience.

Rising Competition: The construction and contracting industry is highly competitive. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 8 million construction industry employees in 2023. With such a crowded field, it's crucial to differentiate yourself. If your marketing strategy doesn't stand out, you may find it challenging to compete effectively.

Digital Dominance: The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digital transformation across industries. According to Statista, global digital ad spending reached $679.80 billion in 2023, a significant increase. If your marketing tactics don't encompass digital channels, you're missing out on a substantial portion of the advertising market.

Consumer Trust and Reputation: Reputation is paramount in the contracting business. A study by BrightLocal found that 93% of consumers read online reviews to determine a business's quality. When your online presence falls short or becomes outdated, it can raise doubts among potential clients about your legitimacy and credibility, ultimately undermining their trust in the services you offer.

ROI and Efficiency: Modern marketing tools and analytics enable precise tracking of your marketing efforts' return on investment (ROI). A study by HubSpot found that companies that prioritize blogging are thirteen times more likelier to enjoy positive ROI. Without an updated marketing strategy, you might be missing opportunities for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Search Engine Visibility: An astonishing 93% of online experiences commence with a search engine, as reported by Search Engine Journal. Should your website fail to undergo search engine optimization or maintain regularly updated content, you risk fading into obscurity, rendering your services virtually invisible to potential clients.

Social Media Influence: Social media platforms continue to hold significant sway in the digital landscape. As of 2023, Facebook alone boasted a remarkable 3.03 billion monthly active users. Neglecting to bolster your social media presence means missing out on an expansive reservoir of potential customers and forfeiting the chance to engage with your community effectively.

Customer Expectations: In an era defined by a desire for instant results, customers demand flawless online experiences. According to research conducted by Google, over 53% of mobile users will abandon websites that exceed a three-second loading time. A subpar website not only jeopardizes your chance to showcase your services but also increases the likelihood of prospects leaving before even encountering what you offer.

To grow your contracting business in 2023, you need a strong marketing plan that includes online and offline strategies.

For contractors aiming to boost sales and foster growth, digital marketing emerges as a paramount avenue. Engaging directly with your target audience helps your business grow a lot. To have a strong online presence, use social media, SEO audit, and optimize your website.

Contractors have a wealth of digital marketing tools and strategies at their disposal. You can choose different options like video marketing, a blog, or email campaigns. Don't hesitate; it's time to turn your contractor marketing ideas into action!

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