Black Friday around the Corner - here is your B2B Campaign Guide

  • By Ronald Thompson
  • Nov 19, 2020

Most people already know about Black Friday, so I might think I do not have to explain it here, but the truth is, there a lot of people who know about the great Black Friday in the United States, but not many know why it originated. So here is a sneak peek into the past. Black Friday, held the following day after Thanksgiving in November, is the biggest retail sales day, or we can call it a one-day shopping festival in the United States.

Though Christmas is celebrated at the end of December, the festival starts shining on us way before that, and the festive shopping begins a month ahead. But Black Friday is not something that happens to initiate the festive shopping season alone.

There is a great history behind this day. The expression 'Black Friday' was first used on the 24th of September, 1869. Two Investors, Jay Gould and Jim Fisk raised the price of gold and caused a crash in the stock market that day. The stock market dropped 20%, and foreign trade stopped. Some farmers suffered a 50% reduction in harvests too.

On that day, there were huge crowds of shoppers and tourists in the city, and the police had to work long hours to cover the masses and the traffic. And this is why it is known as Black Friday. The present-day Black Friday is the biggest retail sales day in the United States.

If the concept of having a shopping festival or a shopper’s special day is not familiar or felt like just another ordinary day. We must know that some countries are so serious about shopping that they take up a fully-fledged shopping festival, just like Black Friday. Look at these examples that can blow your mind.

We know how the Coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll in the B2B sector. Though the virus has made a phenomenal impact on the B2B sector, there are opportunities that the economy gives out, and when optimized, every business can go back to the leader board. Black Friday is one such event that requires the right strategies to give you results.

Global Real-Time Shopping Festival Examples:

USA's Outlet Shopping Festival - It is a short shopping festival, but not as crisp as Black Friday. This shopping festival promotes outlet malls in the USA and is held on the weekend of Columbus Day.

France's Cannes Shopping Festival - This festival happens every May in France. It is known to be one of the most glamorous shopping festivals on the planet, with world-famous designers showcasing the latest fashion trends.

Turkey's Istanbul Shopping Festival - Well, this is quite remarkable. In Turkey, 90 shopping centers trade for 24 hours a day for three weeks straight. Shoppers do not mean retail stores and malls alone. It also includes destinations like the Grand Bazaar, Egyptian Spice Market, and Sapphire Bazaar. This shopping festival is the start too, 'no rest' and 'no going home empty-handed.

Singapore's Great Singapore Sale - the Great Singapore Sale hoards crowds for up to 70% off on retail prices on local and international brands. It is also the biggest shopping festival in Asia, with prize giveaways. They are also known as the initiators of the shopping Bonanza in Asia.

The Dubai Shopping Festival - This shopping festival is held from November to December every month. Millions of people wait for the whole year for this shopping festival. Maybe surprising, but yes, millions and a hundred thousand fly to Dubai every year for reaping the benefits of this sale.

Now that we have a clear picture of how shopaholics love it. Let us get some deep insights into what the B2B gets out of it and to make the Black Friday retail shopping day the most beneficial for them through a marketing campaign.

Well, if you are in the B2B marketer, this is the best time to get tremendous responses from your prospects and potential buyers.

This Black Friday, you can use these techniques to form an effective campaign in your business

These campaign ideas include the 3 platforms every businesses starts marketing online, it might seem like a traditional way to tackle the situation, but these methods can make Black Friday, your business’ treasure hunt.

1. Create a Targeted Ad Campaign on Facebook:

Targeted ads on social media are one of the best things you can do for your marketing campaign. It is one of the best ways to get your post the attention of your targeted audience.

For instance, Flixel, a leading B2B company, achieved a 99% revenue growth despite the 30% discount they offered during Black Friday. Your post can be a straightforward ad that has discounts and freebies or a comment to the messenger Facebook ad, which will enable you to follow up through messenger.

2. Build your YouTube Campaign:

You, I, and everyone by now know the second largest search engine after Google is YouTube, so why not utilize it to create your prominence in the market. People watch more videos than reading in 2020.

Fun Fact: Video accounts for 79% of the global internet traffic in 2020

Though turning to Facebook, Instagram, and many such platforms are the most sought, YouTube is also a platform that must be taken into consideration. Your Black Friday Marketing idea and YouTube can go hand-in-hand. Splash, a brand that we all know, created a video that included event planners, inviting friends, and enjoyment of the festive season, and was not very promotional. Their videos generated $28 billion in sales.

3. Send Emails over the Thanksgiving Weekend:

This is a direct marketing strategy, and there are several ways you can make your direct marketing strategy effective. So why not dive into sending out emails to your prospects? Do you know the number of people that check their work emails during the weekend? It is still a key strategy for B2Bs to kick the response button, with this email strategy, even at the last minute campaign plan. Email is still the key to crack many businesses. While you are launching an email campaign planned at the last minute. Your critical challenge comes in finding a reliable email database. Once you have that, you are all ready for an email campaign that would be a great success.

4. Create a Campaign for your Black Friday Offers on LinkedIn:

Whether you have a new offer for Black Friday, or you are running low on ideas to promote, recycle old offers that can get you to where you want to go on LinkedIn.

But if freebies and offers are already part of your marketing strategy, there is no better place than LinkedIn to find prospects who will notice that.

In LinkedIn, you have an array of options to implement this. You can try sending your offer through direct messages, publishing an article with a call to action, or publishing a status update with the link in it.

The Bottom Line:

B2B Companies have a lot to benefit during Black Friday Marketing campaigns. You have a considerable takeaway from optimizing this day, to be your day. You can effortlessly beat the competition, inspire fast action, and build goodwill with a good campaign and a massive strategy.

This piece of writing takes you around the world, showing you various shopping and trading festivals with a great campaign guide to make bountiful profits on Black Friday.

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