DALLE-2 Statistics - Key Statistics 2023


DALLE- 2, the revolutionary model from OpenAI, has been creating ripples in the art world since its launch. While some view it as a significant breakthrough that could redefine art, others perceive it as a warning sign of how AI-generated images could pose a threat to the creative industry. Regardless, DALLE- 2 presents novel opportunities (and obstacles) for the way we produce and appreciate art.

As we move further into 2023, it's essential to examine the latest statistics on DALLE- 2 to understand its impact on the field of AI-generated art fully. This blog post will provide an overview of DALLE- 2, its key features and capabilities, and delve into the latest statistics for 2023. Additionally, We’ll also look at what the future holds for AI-generated art. So, let's get started!

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Key Stats Of DALLE-2 in 2023

  • ➤   DALLE-2 has More than 1.5M active users.
  • ➤   DALLE-2 Generates 2M images a day.
  • ➤   DALLE-2 attracts approximately 30.4M website visitors with an average of 14.16 page view per visit.
  • ➤   labs.openai.com gets most of its social media traffic from Youtube at 61.86%, followed by Reddit at 21.73% and Facebook (Desktop) at 7.77%, respectively.
  • ➤   DALLE-2 traffic has increased by 4.87% compared to last month.
  • ➤   The top traffic source to DALLE- 2 is Referrals, driving 52.28% of desktop visits last month, and Direct traffic is the 2nd with 44.09% of traffic.
  • ➤   DALLE-2 could generate around $6,000,000 – $7,000,000 in revenue each month only from additional credit pack.
  • ➤   Openai.com's audience is 65.13% male and 34.87% female.
  • ➤   The largest age group of visitors are 25 - 34 year olds (Desktop).
  • ➤   About 60% of the desktop web visits to the site in June were to pages with information about DALLE-2.
  • ➤   Of the 16.8 million visits to openai.com in June, about 30% were specifically related to information about DALLE-2.
  • ➤   Daily traffic to the beta signup page for DALL-E 2 peaked at over 242,000 visits.
  • ➤   DALL-E 2's training data consists of over 3.5 billion parameters.
  • ➤   DALL-E 2 can generate up to 32 images at once.
  • ➤   The model was trained on a dataset of around 300 million image-text pairs.
  • ➤   OpenAI raised $1.5 billion in funding in 2021, valuing the company at $17.5 billion.
  • ➤   DALLE-2 has 8192 transformer layers and 2048 heads.

Stats sources : SE Ranking, SimilarWeb(DALLE-2, Google trends, Semrush, TryRDP, TechCrunch, OpenAi, Pitchbook

Note : Some of these statistics may change over time as DALLE- 2 continues to evolve and develop.

What is DALLE-2?

DALLE-2 is an Image generator based on AI. It is a language model that uses a neural network to generate images from textual descriptions. It is a successor to the original DALL-E model, which was introduced by OpenAI in 2021.

DALLE- 2 has been trained on a massive dataset of images and textual descriptions and can generate highly realistic images that match the input descriptions. Its capabilities include creating complex and abstract images, for example:

"A sea otter with a pearl earring" by Johannes Vermeer"


Source : DALLE-2

Or "A photo of Michelangelo's sculpture of David wearing headphones djing."


Source : DALLE-2

In other words, the possibilities for DALLE- 2's use cases are vast, from creating visual aids for scientific research to generating custom images for marketing campaigns, it is endless.

How does DALLE- 2 work?

DALLE- 2 uses an encoder-decoder model, where textual input is first encoded into a machine-readable format and then processed by the model to generate an image. The resulting image is then decoded and made visible to the user. This process allows DALLE- 2 to create accurate and detailed images from textual descriptions, making it a powerful tool for various industries.

Take a look at the image below


Source : GitHub

Here’s a more detailed description :

DALLE- 2 uses a two-stage process to generate images. The first stage involves generating the "gist" of an image by using a model called the ‘Prior’ to create a CLIP image embedding from the given caption. The CLIP image embedding describes the essential features of the image. In the second stage, a diffusion model called unCLIP generates the actual image by filling in the remaining details based on the embedding generated in the first stage. During training, unCLIP receives a corrupted version of the image it is meant to reconstruct, as well as the CLIP image embedding of the clean image. The name unCLIP comes from its ability to reverse the mapping learned by the CLIP image encoder. Since unCLIP is trained to "fill in the gaps" necessary to produce a realistic image from the embedding, it learns to model all the information that CLIP deems irrelevant for its training objective and discards. This innovative approach enables DALL-E 2 to create highly accurate and detailed images from textual descriptions.

In addition, DALLE-2 also has other capabilities like:

  • Inpainting (Figure 1) : You can perform edits to an image using language;
  • Variations (Figure 1.1) : Generate novel images that capture the essence of a given reference image, while varying the arrangement of details, and also enhance the resolution.
  • Text diffs (Figure 1.1) : transform any aspect of an image using language.

How much does DALLE-2 cost?

Previously, DALL-E was available for use by those granted access by OpenAI, with a limit of 50 free image generations per day. Users were able to create a range of art using this text-to-image AI, such as restaurant mood boards, music videos, 3D renderings, product designs, and magazine covers.

However, on July 20th, 2022, OpenAI introduced the beta launch of DALL-E 2, along with a new pricing model. Users receive 50 free credits for the first month of use and 15 free credits each month thereafter. Each credit allows users to submit a text prompt to the AI, which generates four images at a time (three images for edits and variations).

Users can purchase additional credits to access more image generations, with a pack of 115 credits available for $15. If users exhaust their credits, they can purchase another pack for an additional $15. To put it in perspective, 115 credits can produce up to 460 images.


What do the users think of the pricing?

After OpenAI announced the pricing model for DALL-E 2, people have expressed a range of opinions. While some users are dissatisfied, others have shown their support. Let's take a look at some of the opinions and concerns raised:

  • Some users believe that, compared to the prices charged by professional artists for their time and expertise, the cost of $15 for 115 prompts is not expensive at all.
  • Users are required to pay for a minimum of 5,750 credits (worth $750) at once, which means they cannot start by purchasing just 115 credits.
  • Since it often takes several attempts to get the desired image, some users are concerned about the credits running out before the perfect image is generated.
  • Some users are unhappy with the fact that the paid credits have an expiration date.

DALLE-2’s website traffic

As far as public information is concerned, OpenAI has not made any additional statistics available online since the initial release of DALL-E 2. As a result, we can’t be 100% sure of the numbers available online.

According to SimilarWeb, DALLE-2 generates an average of 30.4 Million visits at around 14.16 page views per visit. If we talk about organic traffic, openai.com generates 766.2k clicks/mo ( Figure 2) with a total traffic cost of around $ 1.4M (Figure 2.1). (This is based on US Traffic only)


Figure 2 : SE Ranking

The graph clearly indicates that DALLE-2 has not been able to maintain its popularity, given the rise of these alternatives. However, it is important to note that DALLE-2 is still a powerful tool that many people continue to use, and its popularity may fluctuate over time. Additionally, the availability and pricing of DALLE-2 may play a role in its usage compared to other alternatives. It will be interesting to see how the landscape of text-to-image generation tools evolves in the future.


Figure 2.1 : SE Ranking

DALLE-2's traffic mostly comes from India with 1.1M, 766.2k from the US, followed by France with 472.9K organic searches. In addition to India, the US, and France, other countries that generate significant traffic for DALL-E 2 include Canada, Australia, Germany, Brazil, etc.

It's worth noting that DALL-E 2 is a global product, and its popularity and usage may vary depending on factors such as language barriers, cultural preferences, and availability of similar products or alternatives in different regions. However, these traffic distribution statistics provide some insights into where DALL-E 2 is currently generating the most interest and usage.

➤ Here’s a breakdown:


Source : SE Ranking

If you were wondering about paid traffic, It appears that Openai.com does not rely on paid services to generate traffic ( at least according to major sources).


Source : SimilarWeb


Source : SE Ranking

DALLE-2 user statistics

As of OpenAI's announcement in July 2022, more than three million people were using DALL-E 2 to produce over 4 million images a day. However, it's unclear how many of these users were using it through third-party applications or directly through OpenAI's platform.

Nevertheless, there are currently 1.5 million active users of DALL-E, who collectively produce more than 2 million images every day. These users come from a variety of fields, including art, design, writing, and architecture. Additionally, there are over 100,000 users who engage with the DALL-E community on Discord, sharing their creations and providing feedback.


Source : OpenAi

DALLE-2's attractive pricing plan is a major reason for its growing usage, and its powerful features continue to entice more and more users.

DALLE-2's revenue in 2022-2023: What we know so far

OpenAI is a private company and does not publicly disclose its revenue or financial information. However, according to a report by PitchBook, OpenAI raised $1.5 billion in funding in 2021, valuing the company at $17.5 billion. The report also mentioned that OpenAI has been generating revenue from licensing its technology to enterprise customers. OpenAI has partnered with several large companies, such as Microsoft and IBM, to collaborate on AI research and development projects. These partnerships may also generate revenue for OpenAI through technology licensing or other means.

DALL•E 2 is not cheap. Even if we just consider the additional credit packs, it is one of the major contributors to DALLE-2’s revenue. Everyone who has tried DALLE-2 knows that you can't create a perfect image in one go. You’ll go through a lot of trial and error to finally achieve the image you had in your mind—that, too not 100%.

Most of the credits went towards trying to get the right combination of style, faces, and composition to work together. As a result, you consume your credits in a blink of an eye. So, this top-up method is really beneficial for the company. Even if we consider that only 30% of the users top-up their credits every month, we can have an amount close to $6.8 million per month. This is, too, considering that every user purchase credits only once a month. Not to mention, users can also purchase credits worth up to $10,000, which provides them with 750,000 credits.

Nonetheless, there is no doubt that the company is profitable. OpenAI has been actively seeking partnerships with various industries, such as healthcare, finance, and robotics, which could potentially bring in more revenue in the future.

Wrap – Up

In conclusion, OpenAI is a highly innovative and successful company that has revolutionized the field of AI with its advanced technology and research. DALLE-2, one of OpenAI's popular AI models, has gained significant popularity and usage from users around the world, with millions of generated images every day. Its attractive pricing plan has been a major factor in its increasing usage and popularity.

Although not much data is available on DALLE-2, with this blog, you can say ‘bye’ to your worries. We have gone through extensive research to collect all available data and provide them in one spot. Through extensive research, we have compiled relevant statistics and information that will allow you to learn everything you need to know about DALLE-2. This information can be used to create engaging and informative content for your readers.

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