How To Take Your Email Campaign To The Next Level?

Is Email Marketing Really Effective?


While newer marketing methods frequently receive more attention, email marketing remains one of the tried and true practices due to its ability to provide highly targeted outcomes. However, sending hundreds of emails every week is a wasteful and futile effort if they are simply deleted without being viewed. You must distinguish your Email Marketing Campaign from the hundreds of other emails that individuals get in their inboxes every day. If you've been feeling stuck because of poor response rates or low conversion rates, Don’t Fret! In this article, we’ll share some tried-and-true email marketing tactics to help you take your email campaigns to the next level.

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As is so frequently the case with marketing strategy, the answer is "it depends." Businesses that properly employ Email Marketing best practices tend to generate extraordinary results. You might be surprised to learn that nearly 60% of B2B marketers claim email is their most successful income generation tool. In fact, more than 30% of email users make purchases from companies whose emails they receive. It is probably safe to say that email is as effective as ever. According to a report by Wordstream, Respondents to promotional email offers spend about 140% more than those who reply through other marketing channels.


These are remarkable figures, but keep in mind that they represent average performance. In other words, some businesses perform far better than others. Businesses across industries (including media companies) that employ Email Marketing best practices are more likely to achieve their primary marketing objectives and add to their bottom line. According to HubSpot, success with Email Marketing does not rely on a single plan. However, it does necessitate a laser-like focus on your consumers in order to answer and solve their problems properly.

How to take your email campaign to the next level?

Of course, every firm is unique, with unique clients, issues, and marketing objectives. However, firms who achieve maximum success with Email Marketing tend to share a common set of best practice methods, which include the five listed below:

1. Define your target market


Source: Striata

Knowing who is reading your emails enhances their impact tenfold. This includes incorporating consumer data properly to ensure your communications are relevant to their needs. With over 40% of marketers failing to deliver direct and targeted email communications, it's critical that you don't join them. Instead, it would be best if you educated yourself on email list segmentation and what it can achieve for your organization. It will not only ensure that you are giving relevant and trustworthy material to the proper people but also enhance engagement rates. One of the finest methods to accomplish this is by creating great buyer personas.

2. Build a targeted email list


The most effective email marketing campaigns begin with a list of qualified prospects who are interested in what you have to offer. Converting website visitors into subscribers is the most effective strategy for establishing a focused email list. But did you know that, on average, 80% of your website visitors will depart without subscribing to your newsletter? That is why we propose using exit-intent popups to convert visitors who are about to leave into subscribers and customers. You can also use a leads list to save the time-consuming procedure of obtaining and validating each lead individually. A verified email list can be purchased from a variety of reputable data sources. They are simply a Google search away.

3. Segmentation


Source: Marketing Charts

Now that you’ve built a targeted email list, It’s time to segment it for laser-focused marketing. You can use a variety of characteristics to help segment your list, including region, demographics, email provider (e.g., Yahoo, Gmail, etc.), purchase history, clients versus prospects, open rates, and so on. Divide your subscriber list by engagement, which is one of the most popular segmentation approaches. For example, if you find that a specific percentage of your subscribers haven't clicked on any of your emails in more than six months, they may be termed "inactive," which indicates they may need to be targeted for a campaign to pique their interest again.

4. Send personalized messages


Source: Marketing Charts

Personalization can be a gold mine when it comes to raising response rates. According to a recent Experian Marketing Services study, personalized promotional emails have 29% higher open rates and 41% higher click-through rates than non-personalized emails. Including the recipient's first name in the subject line or at the start of the email can make all the difference in capturing your audience's attention. If you've ever received a direct mail addressed to "Resident," you understand how bland and uninteresting a non-personalized correspondence can sound. This tiny extra step of including your recipients' names in your emails can considerably raise the likelihood of engagement and may significantly increase your conversion rates.

5. Share user-generated content


Source: Tintup

Word-of-mouth marketing is an extremely effective approach, and user-generated content (UGC) is essentially the digital equivalent. Subscribers are more likely to want to learn more about your business and products if they see other consumers appreciating them. Incorporating customer images, videos, reviews, and tales into your emails fosters a sense of community and drives more clicks. According to a study, UGC increases email click-through rates by 73%. If you're having trouble finding user-generated content, consider initiating a hashtag (#EXAMPLE) campaign. Encourage customers to tag you on social media and promote your items to spread the word and collect UGC in one spot!

6. Test and Retest


Source: Tintup

It's pointless to create an Email Marketing campaign if you don't track the results. Many email services allow you to test different parts of your email to see which content connects the most with your target demographic. A/B testing subject lines can assist raise open rates, while A/B testing CTA buttons allow you to see what wording encouraged your readers to click. It is critical to use data to constantly optimize and improve your email campaigns. You'll know what's working and what isn't if you measure results (with some specificity). This allows you to continuously enhance your campaigns.

Reach out to the qualified Prospects


Well-executed Email marketing can help you achieve your major marketing objectives and enhance revenue. However, it can also be complicated and perplexing. That's where we come in. If you're unhappy with the outcomes of your current email marketing campaigns, start implementing the tactics described above to improve your marketing efforts. With tools like segmentation, personalization, and A/B testing, you can position your campaigns for improved subscriber engagement and conversions.

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