Getting your target prospects to make a decision with b2b email marketing needs the most influential factors to include in marketing campaigns. B2B email marketing is different in many ways when compared with b2c, where the person reading your email finds himself in a business context, which makes it more challenging for b2b marketers to come up with best tactics.

According to a study, every one dollar you spend on email marketing gets more than 41% ROI and 43% of b2b marketers justify that email is their most effective marketing channel.

Email is the best revenue generator when doing it right. In fact, B2B companies that do email marketing right and follow even the most basic of best practices are able to grow their business faster with increased sales, revenue and profits!

These are impressive, but what about your business? Are you satisfied with your b2b email marketing results?

I have compiled a quick introduction to b2b email marketing and included 5 b2b email marketing tactics to set your marketing campaign to the success.

1. Know what business to target

It is important to know your target businesses in b2b marketing, you need to know what industry your target business is in, but there are many other numbers of elements to consider, like how big is your target business? How many employees? Revenue statistics etc., For example, we focus on small and medium scale businesses.

When marketing in the B2B, you need to understand the core challenges facing by your target businesses. It will help you to reach the right business prospects and gives you information to help improve and customize your products or services. Your target market may be small, medium or big as long as your business is able to provide the right solutions, you can boost the results of your marketing campaign.

Even the small changes in your email like the proper placing of the call to action links, help you to get more leads. The better you know about your target market the more effective your email campaign will be.

For example, if your business is associated with providing healthcare products or services you need to understand what healthcare organizations need your services, probably this helps you to understand your target market in a most efficient way.

2. Segment the list based on interest level

Email marketing is the primary marketing strategy for most of the B2B companies. But is your email list optimized enough to reach the right audience or your email campaign structured to reach the prospects based on their interests? For the most b2b marketers the answer is no, then follow these lines on how important it is to segment your email list from what I've learned through years of experience.

If you are wondering what I meant about "email list optimized enough to reach the right audience," then it is segmenting your email list and it is done by categorizing your prospects based on their interests. Different types of segmentation can be done based on your requirements like customer segmentation, prospects segmentation and segmenting based on demographics like industry, job title, location, behaviors and activities. Customer segmentation can be done based on the behavior of customers like the type of product purchased, purchase history, solution or updates on product and so on.

According to a study conducted by MailChimp, a segmented email campaign based on the interests can generate 11.29% higher open rates and 71.25% higher click rates.

Segmenting your b2b email list can guarantee higher interactions with your prospects since your message is delivered based on the prospect's interests and behavior.

Follow these simple steps that help you to start the segmentation process:

Check and collect the data: First thing to do when you are going to start segmentation is to check your current data, what industry data you are having? How can you collect more effective email database based on your requirement?

Find our segmentation groups: What industries does your prospects belong to? What is the behavior of the prospects? Purchase history of the prospect?

Segment based on buyer personas: Understand your audience purchase history. What are their challenges? What is the job title of your prospects?

Email segmentation is a challenging task but believe me, it will help your business with longtime run.

3. Build measurable marketing goals

Building measurable email marketing goals helps you to take the benefits of email marketing, it is important for any b2b email campaign to start with goals that can be measured.

A measurable goal will give value to your marketing campaign. Let's say you can consider a simple marketing goal as, “increase the specific number of conversions” and the number you specify will help to evaluate the success of your marketing campaign.

Time is the most important part of your email marketing goals. Make sure your email marketing has time to accomplish the goal you fixed. For example 23% increase in conversions by end of the year.

4. Choose the right time to send emails

When it comes to b2b the time you are sending you are email is important than what you are sending.

Your target audience will not be the same as other businesses. Sometimes sending emails on Monday or Friday yield results. For some businesses sending emails after business hours will get the results.


According to a study, Tuesday is the best day to send emails. Also, keep in mind that your business might not fit into that pattern. It is always the best idea to test your emails to determine the best days to send emails.

5. Customize your email message based on segments

Email campaigns are more than simple communication; it shares your message about your product or services and updates. Successful b2b marketers often customize their email messages according to buyer persona, behaviors and interests. It's always best ideas to send different emails to different segments of an email list.

The first thing is to know about your target market in creating a successful b2b email campaign. Segment your list before you plan to start your marketing campaign. Following these 5 steps will improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, so stop bouncing and start reaching by implementing the above tactics today.

By Brown Hill