Artificial Intelligence has completely changed the marketing for the past few years and also it intends to revolutionize the marketing for the next few years.

Email Marketing is one of the best forms of marketing has greatly benefited from artificial intelligence to deliver good business results.

With the help of sophisticated AI algorithms, you can build a powerful email marketing campaign that can lead you to higher conversions, better personalization, increased customer satisfaction, and eventually a massive increase in customer retention.

From this post, find out some of the best ways to transform your email marketing campaign with artificial intelligence:

1. Creates Supercharged Subject Lines That Earn More Clicks

The subject line of your emails plays an important role in determining the success of your campaigns. An attractive subject line of interest motivates subscribers to open the email.

AI uses algorithms to generate subject lines that help to generate higher click-through rates. It analyzes the results of each marketing campaigns to optimize and improve your subject lines over time. A strong customer connection is needed to increase the conversion rates, which artificial intelligence can fulfill.

2. Optimizes Send Times for Massive Engagement

Countries across the world have different time zones. For example, 9 A.M in the UK will be 4 A.M in the USA, the same day. So, if you are sending an email to the UK subscriber at 9 A.M, you cannot send the email to the US subscriber at the same time, as 4 A.M will not be helpful in connecting with the recipient in the USA. You must send emails at a time when they are most likely to grab a subscriber’s attention. To do this, you need to know exactly when subscribers open their inbox. This can be the time consumption task, but AI make this easy by helping to automate more effective send times based on particular insights from past behaviors.

AI algorithms can determine the best time to send emails to each subscriber, ensuring no email ever goes by unnoticed.

3. Refining the Personalization Strategy

Artificial intelligence helps in the personalization of the email. With too many emails being sent to customers, it is important for marketers to create emails based on the needs of the customer. Using artificial intelligence the data relating to the needs of the recipient will be analyzed, which would allow to develop email content and solve the user's problems.

4. Frequency of the Email

With the correct insights from artificial intelligence, the frequency of emails can be scheduled. More emails can transform the customers away, while fewer number of it might fail to make the right connection with the customer. AI-enabled email marketing allows planning the right approach to optimize the email frequency.

5. Re-targeting

Has your customer added products to your shopping cart but not completed the checkout process? That's where Retargeting comes in. Re-targeting is an effective way to increase your sales revenue and it helps to lower your shopping cart abandonment rate.

With the strength of AI, you can fine-tune your retargeting approach. Some customers may react better to an email which is sent after an hour and then they have left your website, while others may not be ready to make their purchase for a day. AI can differentiate between these different kinds of customers and send your retargeting messages at the best time. By suggesting some other selected products, assists you to improve your sales revenues.

6. Customizing Email Promotions

Offering special promotions is a great way to convince more customers to sign up to your email list and to increase sales.

By customizing your special offers and promotions to each customer, you can easily drive sales. With the help of artificial intelligence, it determines which offer and promotions to send to each subscriber based on the past email behavior.

You can also choose to offer discounts, free shipping and other special offers or incentives on certain products. Everything is personalized to the shopping behavior and interactions of each customer. Without the power of the AI, this type of individual promotion customization would be impossible.

7. Customer insights for lifecycle marketing

AI- systems enable to set up drip campaigns that are driven by customer's database and is based on the lifecycle stage subscribers are in with your brand. This technology uses earlier purchases, buyer's interests and browsing behaviors to build automated campaigns to nurture your leads.

AI can also assist you to determine what kind of content and images will be most efficient in crafting welcome messages, ordering emails updates and retaining emails, among others, to attain the greatest possible level of commitment and conversion.

Final Thoughts

From the above information, you get to know how AI-enabled email marketing assists you to create a more personalized experience that generates growth and good results for your subscribers. By adding AI into your email marketing not only saves time and work efforts, but also makes your campaigns more effective than ever before.