If you discover that you are not getting the desired result of your email marketing campaign, then do not try to improve it in a hurry. Guess that is why email appending is a recommended marketing practice, where your existing customer database with details like name, phone, mailing address etc. is updated with email addresses. Email appending service helps to make clients get in touch with database with valid email addresses to contact with the prospect.

How Email Append Can Accelerate Your Email Marketing? Email appending refers to the process of adding an email address to an existing database that contains data such as name, phone number, physical address, etc. The Email appending is often made through an attached third-party service. The third party service can also merge a part or its complete database with the database of their client company.

The process of email appending comes with various benefits. According to experts, companies can see an average 30% increase in their ROI by using the email appending in their marketing campaign. Here, you will learn about the best email appending practices that will rule in 2018. The email attach or email appending authorizes you to quickly and cost-effectively market your email marketing programs by expanding your reach by reducing your cost of right of use and increasing the net contribution and profitability of each simulation.

Using quality data is one of the key factors for a successful marketing campaign because low-quality data cannot bring satisfactory leads for your business. The process of adding an email improves the quality of the data through which you can reach your target audience quickly and easily attract them.

How to Upgrade Email Marketing Efforts with Email Append

Email appending is a best practice for professionals associated with digital marketing to know the significance of email appending very well. The process of email appending helps the marketers to add or/and update email addresses within their database.

Email Appending –A 4 Step Process

The most commonly used email appending process is business email append. To help you gain a better understanding of what is being added, here I have explained the process in four simple steps. We will continue and detail the various steps involved in the process of adding a B2B email.

Step 1: Your file is matched against our permission - based email databases.

The email address provided will be for the contact that appears in your database ... Or not another random person who works for your company.

Step 2: To further increase your results, service providers also offer a domain pattern matching process.

This program will first identify the email domain for the company that appears in your input file. Then using the reference databases, the program will identify the email naming convention for that company (ie: firstname.lastname @ or firstname @). Once the naming convention has been determined, the email address for your business client is generated.

Step 3: Once all the data processing is complete, a welcome email is sent to your business customers.

This email presents your online communications and gives you the opportunity to opt out.


Step 4: After completion of the entire program, the enhanced file is returned to you.

You're now ready to increase your results by taking advantage of multi-channel marketing strategies.

There are many things that need to work well for B2B appending to be successful. For starters, the database that you use to make the matches needs to be of good quality, have all the necessary fields, has to be of substantial size and the provider has to be open and clear about the sources that they uses to collect the data.

Just how clean is your data? Identify where your data requires attention, allowing you to choose which areas to improve.

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Explore the Benefits of Email Appending

Email appending benefits are vast; with an accurate marketing database you can increase revenues and improve customer retention. The results of email appending can be dramatic. Customers have increased the size of their email lists by 20% on average, and the results can be as high as 40%. Some customers have increased their number of email addresses from 69% to 98%. If your data is not up-to-date, how do you expect your messages to reach your target audience? The benefits of the email appending cannot be ignored.

The benefits of Email Appending Services are many. Some of them are:

  • Accelerate and improve your email marketing.
  • Grow your revenues.
  • Improve customer service and retention.
  • Reduce direct mailing costs.
  • Minimize expenditures.
  • Safeguard your sender track record.
  • Expand task audience.
  • Maximize your ROI.
  • Improve consumer treatment.
  • Increase project effectiveness and get to vast quantities of your target audience concurrently.

Adding an email, or correspondence and adding missing emails to your existing customer records, is a quick and efficient solution to data problems. These benefits were obtained by email only. Now imagine the combined benefits of adding postal attachments, attaching phones, adding demographic data, real-time data services and much more.

By Brown Hill