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Most responsive Email lists of over 175K+ principal records from Elementary, Middle and High schools. Customization available based on school type and many other filter options available

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Looking for Direct Email Addresses or Phone Numbers of Principals? Our Data has Got you Covered.

The Principal Email List is at the top of the most accurate B2B contact data through the marketplace. The Principal Mailing List Profiles from AverickMedia give details about work experience, education, web mentions, social media profiles or site addresses, etc. We have a dedicated research and analysis team who work on the Principal Email List and segregate data on department sizes, reporting structure, technographic, and the list goes on.

A Reliable Principal Contact List can be the Fuel to your Sales Engine

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Learn how the Principal Email List from AverickMedia helps business development teams to use educational contacts to maximize their sales productivity. The principal database can benefit you through 4 simple steps; Capture, Channelize, Convert, and Capitalize across Regions.

Get Complete Visibility of Accounts that Matter the Most

We know generic marketing approaches won't get you the sales you need. That is why we bring together principal directories that can be matched to your business's requirements through simple and complex customization parameters, such as job title, location, zip codes and more. Get details about principals you can't find anywhere else, and use this opportunity to understand your buyer like never before.

Why Choose the Principals Email Database?

Verified contacts to ensure fewer bounces,
higher open rate
80+ search criteria,
No annual contract
Deploy your next targeted
email campaign in minutes
4X Sped up Marketing
and Sales Cycles

Choose Job Profiles that go Hand-In-Hand with your Marketing Needs

We can help you build your ideal customer profile by identifying principals who will convert to paying customers. The Principal's email list's Job Description Customization can be segmented into Graduation type, Job title, Work Experience, and so much more.

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Principals Email List

See Measurable Outcomes from Data to Land in Principal Inboxes.


District Superintendents Contacts

Drive Personalized Customer engagement among Superintendents of schools.


High School Counselors Contacts

Dive to advance predictive scoring to school counselors.


Teachers Database

Gain competitive advantage in Ed-market with robust data.

Gain profit by connecting with the active Principals

By choosing from over 40 different job functions like key decision-makers and other senior positions, target specific influencers in your industry.

School Administrator Database

Bridge the gap between your future customers through a Full-Fledged School Administrator Email List

K-12 Email List

Use cross-channel marketing with a database that is prepackaged and ready to use.


Build your Sales & Marketing List. We ensure zero contact duplication

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